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Elden Ring: Players Recreate Dark Souls NPC Invader

Posted: Mar 15, 2023

Posted: Mar 15, 2023

Source:  IGGM

A Invader in Elden Ring by creating a brand new Invader NPC from Dark Souls, weapons and various other aspects. With the birth of this NPC, all FromSoftware old players once again felt the fear of being dominated by this familiar invader NPC. It’s like an Elden Ring player creating Naruto’s Itachi.

Every player can randomly make their favorite game characters through Character Customizer in Elden Ring. At the same time, different costumes will be replaced and used, and the degree of freedom is very high. This piece of content is also very popular with players.

Players can not only create their favorite characters but also bring them to life by skillfully manipulating their movement settings. And that’s what this intruder really wants to do. Bring some new players into PVP, while allowing some old Dark Souls players to see the familiar scene again.

Most Dark Souls players know that there is also a very nasty place in the game called Blighttown. It’s in a gigantic cave. More than half of them are guardrails built on high places with some fragile scaffolding. As long as the player passes by, there is a high probability that the enemy will knock them down or fall directly off the cliff.

Elden Ring NPC Invader

They mostly distributed the other half with enormous areas of poison swamp, which is also one of the famous locations that Elden Ring developer Hidetaka Miyazaki insisted on adding to the many poison swamps.

Although this poison swamp is difficult to pass, sometimes when players move towards the boss in this area and want to challenge, they will encounter an NPC. It asks players to help them intercept a player named Maneater Mildred.

One player recently decided to use the identity of Maneater Mildred to hack others in Elden Ring’s PVP. A player named IcedEstus posted them on YouTube by dressing them up as Maneater Mildred and using some popular songs to lure other players.

IcedEstus’s channel is usually popular for making some Elden Ring memes that players are familiar with. Through their video, we can learn that the process of IcedEstus dressing up as Maneater Mildred is actually not complicated. Because it only needs a sack, a shield, a Butchering Knife, and a weapon similar enough to Mildred’s original knife to prepare it.

There are also many videos of IcedEstus killing Elden Ring players. They usually split the player teams up and take them down one by one.

Elden Ring player cheeses NPC invaders with this genius tactic

There are plenty of players who will appreciate IcedEstus’ clever invading techniques and skill usage. At the same time, some players found that their game soundtracks were also well chosen, which exploded the atmosphere of the game.

Although Elden Ring also has a lot of evils from previous FromSoftware games. Including such nasty things as Patches and Moonlight Greatsword. But because of the rich imagination and creativity of Elden Ring players, some well-known characters in the game reappeared in Elden Ring.

Although it is difficult for players to fully see the high degree of freedom of customization provided by Character Customizer in Elden Ring from these videos. But it also brings back familiar scenes for many Dark Souls players, good or bad.

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