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Elden Ring: Players Successfully Sneak Attack Gideon Ofnir

Posted: Mar 16, 2023

An Elden Ring player once used a very clever strategy during his first encounter with Gideon Ofnir. Even manages to kill Gideon Ofnir before the player has even formally spoken to it.

I believe that there is almost no Elden Ring player who has not seen a cutscene that begins to play before the boss battle. This animation is mainly to introduce the boss and give players the opportunity to communicate with the boss, enriching the player's understanding of the story of Elden Ring.

These cutscenes are very impressive to many players, and they also add to the atmosphere of the game, making subsequent engagements more exciting. These cutscenes are also one of the few ways the boss and the player in Elden Ring communicate.

Among them, Gideon Ofnir is a special existence of multiple bosses in Elden Ring. It's not just an NPC character, but a special boss that helps players learn more about the different things in Lands Between.

ELDEN RING Gideon Ofnir

Gideon Ofnir as a Tarnished, like many players, wants to eventually become Elden Lord. As players continue to explore and move forward, they will find Gideon Ofnir blocking their way. As the last boss battle of the player in Elden Ring, the player must defeat All-Knowing Gideon Ofnir to successfully complete the task.

However, in this battle, Gideon Ofnir can use the skills that the previous player defeated other bosses during the adventure. For example, if Malenia’s Scarlet Aeonia or Rykard’s Rancor kills an enemy, then Gideon Ofnir can also use these skills to fight the player. This will make this fight very difficult.

One of them, an Elden Ring player named EchoFist, posted a video on Reddit. It’s mostly about how EchoFist managed to kill Gideon Ofnir with incredible speed before he could even react.

When EchoFist first met Gideon Ofnir, without hesitation, he rushed in and started howling at Gideon Ofnir. At the same time, he used the skill of Stormcaller Ash of War to deal continuous damage to the boss, and successfully killed Gideon Ofnir. The complete process took no more than half a minute, and EchoFist quickly ended the battle and won. Best of all, EchoFist was unharmed in the process.

How to Find and Defeat Sir Gideon Ofnir

The player’s fight against All-Knowing’s Gideon Ofnir is different from any previous boss fight in Elden Ring. Mainly because there is no relevant cutscene before the player engages Gideon Ofnir.

Gideon Ofnir doesn’t care about the player’s threats, and even talks to the player at the beginning of the battle. This also makes Gideon Ofnir vulnerable to damage during his conversation with the player. It’s also because EchoFist is smart enough to take advantage of Gideon Ofnir’s arrogance and attack him in advance to end the battle quickly.

Of course, there are also many players who try to fight head-on, wanting to really defeat Gideon Ofnir. At the same time, interact with Gideon Ofnir normally to understand this special boss.

Regardless, players in Elden Ring always have different character builds and skills to kill bosses. Players can choose which strategy to use to kill the boss according to their preferences or actual situation.

If you too are trying to kill Gideon Ofnir, either way, good gear and character builds are essential. You can try to do it by getting enough Elden Ring Runes. Plus, you can get a 5% discount with the code “CSCCA” here, so hurry up and try it out.


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