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Elden Ring: Guide To Killing Malenia

Posted: Mar 10, 2023

Posted: Mar 10, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Elden Ring comes with many dangerous bosses. Among them, many players consider Malenia to be one of the most powerful bosses, because many players cannot easily defeat it.

Although the player can choose whether to challenge the boss Malenia, Malenia is often closely related to many mysteries of Elden Ring universe. If players want to learn more and continue to explore Elden Ring, then challenging Malenia may be what you have to do. 

Although Malenia is hard to beat. But recently an Elden Ring player managed to kill Malenia with just a Level 1 Lion’s Claw Ash of War attack.

Despite the power of Malenia, this Elden Ring players did not give up. Players try to defeat Malenia by creating special tricks and new character builds and constantly upgrading their gear. 

How To Defeat Malenia Blade Of Miquella Elden Ring

Among them, Let Me Solo Her has a notable player who is known too many players for killing Malenia thousands of times. Wearing nothing but a ceramic pot on his head, the player uses his samurai swords to defeat Malenia with a melee attack. 

During this process, Malenia did not attack him in any way. He even sometimes defeats Malenia and its clones at the same time. His wonderful process of successfully killing Malenia impressed many players.

Another Reddit user named Gilfordtan had a similar experience. Gilfordtan is actually an old Elden Ring player. When he first entered the list of Tarnished, he quickly defeated Malenia. This process surprised many players. 

Gilfordtan also posted this battle process to r/Eldenring. First players showed how they used Level 1 character equipment to resist Blade of Miquella and successfully killed Malenia

Even so, Gilfordtan spent a lot of time figuring out how to attack Malenia. Gilfordtan watched as Malenia continued to strengthen, eventually escalating into the more powerful Goddess of Rot. Fortunately, gilfordtan managed to use Lion’s Claw’s Ash of War ability to kill Malenia.

Although gilfordtan has defeated Malenia in Elden Ring, it does not mean that Malenia is already weak. Players may not have seen the last side of Malenia’s strength

Elden Ring How to Beat Malenia

Last week, FromSoftware proclaimed the first DLC expansion for Elden Ring called Shadow of the Erdtree. It is said that the main content of this expansion is Malenia’s clone Miquella. Some players suspect that this setting is to allow them to become Shadow under the command of the Empyreans.

Some Elden Ring players are still experimenting with new skills and interesting and unique ways to defeat these bosses, such as Malenia and Blade of Miquella

Like Gilfordtan, even if you only use Level 1 character equipment, as long as you have enough waiting time, you can use the powerful Lion’s Claw’s Ash of War skill to kill Malenia at the right time, and it’s a one-hit. 

There’s really no one standard way to play Elden Ring. Each player can engage with the game uniquely. The battle process shared by gilfordtan also helped players better understand the Shadow of Erdtree DLC before the challenge, and find a better way to kill Malenia.

If you also want to take on Malenia or other powerful bosses, don’t forget to upgrade your character equipment as much as possible while looking for some tricks and character builds. 

You can do this by picking up enough Elden Ring Runes, which will give you more power with less effort. Plus, you can get a 5% discount with the code “CSCCA”, hurry up and try it out.


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