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Elden Ring: NPC Melina Was Accidentally Killed

Posted: Mar 03, 2023

Posted: Mar 03, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Elden Ring has been one of the most successful games ever released by Software. Since its release in February 2022, Elden Ring has caused a tremendous sensation and has been one of the gamers’ favorite games in the gaming community all year round.

Elden Ring is famous all over the world for its unique Action-RPG game mechanics, but the interesting NPC mission plot in Elden Ring also attracts a large number of players.

You may often see some merchants selling some valuable items, including weapons or sorceries, and even some unusable characters. In addition, these merchants often tell players about the ancient legends about Elden Ring.

An Elden Ring player killed the important NPC Melina during Third Church of Marika interactive quest.

Melina is one of the most popular and important NPCs in Elden Ring. It can help players shuttle between two different regions. Melina often appears in Sites of Grace when the player completes the main storyline of the game.

Melina will help players improve their rune usage abilities. For players, Melina is a very important helper.

Elden Ring NPC Melina

In addition, players can choose whether to “Talk to Melina” in some specific Sites of Grace. Players can learn about the stories and legends of Elden Ring and the skills and knowledge they need to master by talking with Melina.

A player talks to Melina at Third Church of Marika Site of Grace, but a shocking thing happens along the way.

Reddit user Jdyhrberg told the community how they killed Melina in Elden Ring’s Third Church of Marika. Actually, they used Fire’s Deadly Sin incantation before resting around Site of Grace. Fire’s Deadly Sin incantation is extremely harmful. It affects all casters and the surrounding environment and even causes direct damage to all who try to approach them.

Unfortunately, Jdyhrberg forgot that Fire’s Deadly Sin incantation was still in effect while they were resting at Site of Grace, and they chose to talk to Melina at this time. Fire’s Deadly Sin incantation just after she appeared killed Melina.

Subsequently, Melina’s HP dropped rapidly, and she died because of the excessive damage output of Fire’s Deadly Sin incantation. Melina’s death produced an exquisite effect, transforming into a unique tree-like structure accompanied by golden light.

Although many players still don’t understand why Jdyhrberg killed Melina, more people are curious about the consequences of killing Melina, an important NPC in Elden Ring.

Surprisingly, the recently released poster seems to show that the game ignores Melina’s death this time, and Melina still appears from time to time in Site of Grace.

Overall, the incident of Jdyhrberg killing Melina in Third Church of Marika could just be a coincidence, perhaps an example of an experiment by Elden Ring Gamers. Elden Ring players can still kill other non-playable NPCs in the game besides Melina.

Most people choose to get Bell Bearing and Elden Ring Runes rewards by killing some unimportant NPC or merchant characters. Players can send these rewards to Twin Maiden Husks to redeem some new Elden Ring Items.

If you also want to challenge some special NPCs, good equipment is essential. You can enhance your gaming experience by acquiring rich Elden Ring Runes on Plus, you can use code “CSCCA” to get 5% off, so try it.


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