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Elden Ring: Looks Set To Keep Its Dominance

Posted: Mar 02, 2023

Posted: Mar 02, 2023

Source:  IGGM

On February 25 this year, Elden Ring celebrated its first anniversary. In the video game industry, its influence cannot be underestimated. Elden Ring has already won Game of the Year winner in The Game Awards 2022, and has exceeded many people's expectations for it. After its largely silent pre-release marketing campaign, it's really impressive that many long-time fans like you have big expectations for it. Even now, game's headlines still have a place for Elden Ring, because you'll keep discovering new things in this sprawling action-RPG. And we can't believe that's going to change anytime soon, because just the day before yesterday, developer FromSoftware announced a DLC called Shadow of the Erdtree on the social media.

Elden Ring First Anniversary

On the surface, Elden Ring appears to continue the formula established by FromSoftware's Demon's Souls since 2009. However, the formula has evolved and diversified over time. This makes each iteration of the iconic Dark Souls trilogy more complex than the last. Also, games like Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Bloodborne both apply their basic mechanics in different environments. So far, we can recognize Elden Ring not only as the culmination of the formula, but also as a direct result of the developer doing well in the game.

So far, no other FromSoftware's hit has outsold Elden Ring, which has sold more than 20 million units worldwide. Because of Elden Ring's perceived difficulty and mysterious storytelling style, the fact that much of its back catalog is considered by many to be an acquired taste. Despite this, the developer of Elden Ring has become a main force that compete with any other developer in the video game industry. Elden Ring is also difficult at times and still tells the story in a mysterious way. However, it has several key new mechanics, including the freedom to deal with the game in dozens of different ways. So far, it's the most accessible Soulsborne title.

Before, there has been no official word about DLC, so you might think that Hidetaka Miyazaki and his team will announce more to you about the game sooner or later. So far, 2019's Game of the Year winner Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has received no DLC content. However, other games in FromSoftware's Soulsborne collection already have DLC content, and the later DLC is always more impressive than the previous DLC. The quality of the DLC released for each of them is much better than the quality of each of the base games. So, it's going to be a great start to the Elden Ring DLC that was just announced the day before yesterday.

Elden Ring

Depending on the depth of The Lands Between, no matter what kind of Elden Ring DLC is, it can go in multiple directions. In the base game, there are many interesting areas that are officially mentioned but you never visit, such as Badlands. Seeing this, I believe you must be very excited, and can't wait to visit it. And, due to the size of the base game map, the size of the DLC map is estimated to be enormous. At present, there are still some areas in the map that are not fully utilized, nothing more than the open and huge maze. And this maze makes up the underground area of The Lands Between.

Whatever content Elden Ring has, it needs to learn from the base game. Not only must it have the same rich details, but it must also bring you a different and unforgettable experience, so that the established high standards can always be maintained. Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon is the next game of FromSoftware. And this game is a revival of the cult mech-based vehicular combat series of the early 2000s. Despite this, since Elden Ring is a very successful game, there will surely be many games like Elden Ring appearing in your vision in the future. In the gaming world, many eyes are on Miyazaki and his team. So, I hope they can continue to raise the level of popular genres in the future.

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