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Elden Ring: Surprise Discovery During Co-Op

Posted: Mar 02, 2023

Posted: Mar 02, 2023

Source:  IGGM

While completing an unusual mission, a group of Elden Ring players have discovered an insignificant obstacle. Mainly this glitch would allow some players to enter Fog Doors through the restrictions of co-op play.

In fact, Elden Ring is mainly based on single-player tasks. However, some players who want to cooperate with friends and challenge Dungeons, Areas, or Bosses together can also choose to use some multiplayer Elden Ring Items to achieve it.

But players should also pay attention, because when you choose to cooperate with friends, your risks will become greater. The player’s safe zone will be open to hostile Tarnished, and Tarnished may attack you at any time. Therefore, many players know invasions will slow down the progress of players’ co-op games, and may even cut off the conversation between players at any time.

How to Open Fog Doors in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, co-op played by players and friends has certain restrictions. Elden Ring players can actually start the co-op in several ways. But usually it must start with the use of multiplayer Elden Ring Items or Summoning Pool by one of them.

In addition, players need to ensure that they all must remain online at the same time, rather than starting the game offline. But this will also allow them to see the identity information of other players on the character panel and ask for help from other players.

When the player starts the cooperation mode, the player’s team will be airborne to the same area together until Boss or they successfully killed Host. After it completes the task, all players can return to their respective worlds smoothly.

But until this bug hit, Fog Doors were blocking the player’s path, which would make it difficult for players and friends to explore outside of the summoned area.

Helmaksi once posted a video on Reddit of him playing Elden Ring with friends. In the video, Helmaksi and friends work together to attack enemies on the other side of Fog Doors. But unfortunately, Fog obviously had a certain impact on Helmaksi’s combat ability, limiting their performance. But the Helmaksi team is still determined to kill the enemy.

The three of them took turns attacking the tall Black Knife Assassin until they found its weak spot and knocked the enemy down. Black Knife Assassin is slowly approaching Fog Doors, and at this point, it only takes one player to hit it hard to get through. Unexpectedly, with Helmaksi’s key hit, he also managed to pass through Fog Doors and enter the other side. But it can only separate him from his team and leave alone.

Unexpected things are common in Elden Ring, and players and friends can often see them when they start co-op. Whether it’s invasions, weird enemy encounters, or glitches, you can always expect surprises to happen in the game.

In Elden Ring, cooperating with friends is one of the most interesting ways to play. It is a kind of fun to share. But for some players who only like to fight, Elden Ring may become more ordinary.

Therefore, players can cooperate with friends to relieve the pressure in life by killing the boss in Elden Ring, and at the same time get some rewards from Elden Ring Runes to escape from the boring life for a short time.

If you want to try co-op with your friends and explore adventures, you can get enough Elden Ring Runes in to exchange multiplayer battle consumables to complete your adventure journey. You can also get 5% off with the code “CSCCA”. Hurry and try it out.


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