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Elden Ring: Commentary For The Fight Between You And Miquella

Posted: Mar 01, 2023

Posted: Mar 01, 2023

Source:  IGGM

In Elden Ring, the Empyrean are very powerful beings capable of ascending to godhood. Although there are many Empyreans in Elden Ring, Ranni the Witch is among them. However, it's Malenia who's best known, as she's the only boss you fight head-to-head. In the game, it is known for being the most difficult encounter. However, Malenia believes her brother is stronger.

In Elden Ring, Miquella doesn't appear in your field of vision as a boss fight. However, during your encounter with Mohg, Lord of Blood, you were able to see a bit of the most powerful Empyrean in his cocoon. Since Miquella only appears briefly, you know little about her potential power level or abilities. However, you can know from the title that I'm going to describe to you what it's like to fight Miquella.

Elden Ring Miquella Mohg

A boss fight with Malenia should be near legendary status for you. With wide-sweeping combinations, she's really fast. And, compared to any encounter in the game, she hits just as hard. Still, if you fought Malenia, it would still be a physical encounter and nothing else. In order to deal with this fight, amazing counters and tight dodges are required, and these will be relatively simple. For Malenia's brother, Malenia describes him as the most terrifying Empyrean. According to legend, when you encounter Miquella's boss, that experience is quite different.

With all the lore surrounding Miquella, his boss encounters seem more cerebral. In the game, there is a clip that shows you one thing: when Miquella ascends to godhood, then he will take the form of St. Trina. The Sword of St. Trina can cause a unique effect on the enemy, which is a heavy sleeping effect. This highlights the underlying mechanism in the hypothetical matchup with Miquella.

Miquella himself can make pure gold, and he is famous for this. Usually, this item comes in the form of Miquella's Needle and has the effect of suppressing the Flame of Frenzy. In addition, pure gold can also cure Scarlet Rot, which is one of the relatively few known substances that can cure this disease. Based on Miquella's association with status effects and removals, then we can assume a situation where fighting Miquella will have a lot of effects against you.

Mohg's Influence May Be A Factor That Affect Miquella In A Boss Fight

Elden Ring Miquella Mohg

The only place where you'll encounter Miquella is in one such place, inside a giant cocoon in the arena of Mohg. For this, we need to consider Mohg's influence. While Mohg was trying to help Miquella ascend, the process seemed to affect Miquella's physical form. However, this seems understandable, since Mohg infused his brand of blood magic into Miquella, which may also hint at another boss encounter path for you.

From the picture, we can see an arm that emerges from the cocoon on the stage, which seems to imply that Miquella will be a very scary experience. That vascular arm seems to tell you that it is full of Mohg's blood magic, and Miquella seems to have grown very large. In general, the average height of a human being is approximately the height of your character. And Miquella's forearm is roughly the size of your character's height. Although Malenia is a few feet taller than the player, it's still not as long as Miquella's arm. If you fight him in this form, Miquella will cement his place in Elden Ring, one of the biggest bosses. And he's probably second only to Elden Beast and Fire Giant.

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