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News Tag: Elden Ring review

  • Elden Ring: Controversy Over Pause Feature

    Posted: Mar 04, 2023

    Elden Ring is really popular with players. The main reason is that its unique fantasy world is worth exploring repeatedly. There are many surprises happening here, and they are always unexpected.

    They may appear in different forms, whether as entire Underground Universes, beautiful nighttime landscapes, or Shambling Dragons, as obstacles in your way. These distinct surprises have also attracted numerous players.

    Players will see most of Elden Ring’s territory after several days of continuous exploration in Elden Ring. Along the way, you can kill some monsters to get Elden Ring Runes that drop. However, you might run into sticky issues when something happens, IRL. It’s not a fixed thing, so when it will happen, no one knows.

    Most players stick to the mission, but the lack of a pause button makes the entire game pain and slow. If the player interrupts the game twice in a row, they will lose all their Elden Ring Runes, resetting the game's progress and returning to the starting point.

    Usually, a challenging boss will get you into trouble for a while. When you reach a certain level, you must try to defeat several Giants to get Elden Ring Runes rewards to level up smoothly. In this regard, many players intend to give up and try to get upgrades through long-term accumulation.

    However, it would be handy if you could use the pause button at this point. That’s why a lot of players hope that Shadow of the Erdtree DLC will include a pause feature in consideration of the narrative expansion and boss fights functioning properly.

    If the player can return to the main page for a short time, it will be convenient for the player to deal with various things that are encountered temporarily at hand, such as someone knocking on the door, picking up a courier, the phone ringing and so on. Maybe Elden Ring will attract more players.

    Players can equip spells and armor in the current item menu bar, and choose different emotions, completely according to your own mood. But when you face a different pause page, there’s nothing you can do about it. You can only choose whether to save or quit. Many games do this.

    Although this problem will not affect the immersive content of Elden Ring, the harassment of couriers or garbage calls may spoil the player’s mood in the game.

    Of course, some people insist on opposing the point of view of having a pause function. They think this will reduce the difficulty of the game, but many people say that the two have nothing to do with each other. If the menu page can be divided into Pause Menu and Mechanic Menu, the difficulty we encountered will not be affected.

    If you’re really concerned about a player pausing mid-game and check out the game guide and it’s affecting your experience. Well, I’ll probably tell you that you’re probably going to have more trouble in the game than caring about how other people play the game.

    In fact, many players don’t care what Shadow of the Erdtree tells. Because the lack of a pause button will always disappoint some players on Elden Ring.

    Although the pause function has not been launched in Elden Ring for the time being, it affects the game experience of some players. But players can make up for this part by getting some Elden Ring Runes or Elden Ring Items in Meanwhile, you can get 5% off with the code “CSCCA”, so hurry and try it out.

  • Elden Ring: NPC Melina Was Accidentally Killed

    Posted: Mar 03, 2023

    Elden Ring has been one of the most successful games ever released by Software. Since its release in February 2022, Elden Ring has caused a tremendous sensation and has been one of the gamers’ favorite games in the gaming community all year round.

    Elden Ring is famous all over the world for its unique Action-RPG game mechanics, but the interesting NPC mission plot in Elden Ring also attracts a large number of players.

    You may often see some merchants selling some valuable items, including weapons or sorceries, and even some unusable characters. In addition, these merchants often tell players about the ancient legends about Elden Ring.

    An Elden Ring player killed the important NPC Melina during Third Church of Marika interactive quest.

    Melina is one of the most popular and important NPCs in Elden Ring. It can help players shuttle between two different regions. Melina often appears in Sites of Grace when the player completes the main storyline of the game.

    Melina will help players improve their rune usage abilities. For players, Melina is a very important helper.

    In addition, players can choose whether to “Talk to Melina” in some specific Sites of Grace. Players can learn about the stories and legends of Elden Ring and the skills and knowledge they need to master by talking with Melina.

    A player talks to Melina at Third Church of Marika Site of Grace, but a shocking thing happens along the way.

    Reddit user Jdyhrberg told the community how they killed Melina in Elden Ring’s Third Church of Marika. Actually, they used Fire’s Deadly Sin incantation before resting around Site of Grace. Fire’s Deadly Sin incantation is extremely harmful. It affects all casters and the surrounding environment and even causes direct damage to all who try to approach them.

    Unfortunately, Jdyhrberg forgot that Fire’s Deadly Sin incantation was still in effect while they were resting at Site of Grace, and they chose to talk to Melina at this time. Fire’s Deadly Sin incantation just after she appeared killed Melina.

    Subsequently, Melina’s HP dropped rapidly, and she died because of the excessive damage output of Fire’s Deadly Sin incantation. Melina’s death produced an exquisite effect, transforming into a unique tree-like structure accompanied by golden light.

    Although many players still don’t understand why Jdyhrberg killed Melina, more people are curious about the consequences of killing Melina, an important NPC in Elden Ring.

    Surprisingly, the recently released poster seems to show that the game ignores Melina’s death this time, and Melina still appears from time to time in Site of Grace.

    Overall, the incident of Jdyhrberg killing Melina in Third Church of Marika could just be a coincidence, perhaps an example of an experiment by Elden Ring Gamers. Elden Ring players can still kill other non-playable NPCs in the game besides Melina.

    Most people choose to get Bell Bearing and Elden Ring Runes rewards by killing some unimportant NPC or merchant characters. Players can send these rewards to Twin Maiden Husks to redeem some new Elden Ring Items.

    If you also want to challenge some special NPCs, good equipment is essential. You can enhance your gaming experience by acquiring rich Elden Ring Runes on Plus, you can use code “CSCCA” to get 5% off, so try it.

  • Elden Ring: Surprise Discovery During Co-Op

    Posted: Mar 02, 2023

    While completing an unusual mission, a group of Elden Ring players have discovered an insignificant obstacle. Mainly this glitch would allow some players to enter Fog Doors through the restrictions of co-op play.

    In fact, Elden Ring is mainly based on single-player tasks. However, some players who want to cooperate with friends and challenge Dungeons, Areas, or Bosses together can also choose to use some multiplayer Elden Ring Items to achieve it.

    But players should also pay attention, because when you choose to cooperate with friends, your risks will become greater. The player’s safe zone will be open to hostile Tarnished, and Tarnished may attack you at any time. Therefore, many players know invasions will slow down the progress of players’ co-op games, and may even cut off the conversation between players at any time.

    In Elden Ring, co-op played by players and friends has certain restrictions. Elden Ring players can actually start the co-op in several ways. But usually it must start with the use of multiplayer Elden Ring Items or Summoning Pool by one of them.

    In addition, players need to ensure that they all must remain online at the same time, rather than starting the game offline. But this will also allow them to see the identity information of other players on the character panel and ask for help from other players.

    When the player starts the cooperation mode, the player’s team will be airborne to the same area together until Boss or they successfully killed Host. After it completes the task, all players can return to their respective worlds smoothly.

    But until this bug hit, Fog Doors were blocking the player’s path, which would make it difficult for players and friends to explore outside of the summoned area.

    Helmaksi once posted a video on Reddit of him playing Elden Ring with friends. In the video, Helmaksi and friends work together to attack enemies on the other side of Fog Doors. But unfortunately, Fog obviously had a certain impact on Helmaksi’s combat ability, limiting their performance. But the Helmaksi team is still determined to kill the enemy.

    The three of them took turns attacking the tall Black Knife Assassin until they found its weak spot and knocked the enemy down. Black Knife Assassin is slowly approaching Fog Doors, and at this point, it only takes one player to hit it hard to get through. Unexpectedly, with Helmaksi’s key hit, he also managed to pass through Fog Doors and enter the other side. But it can only separate him from his team and leave alone.

    Unexpected things are common in Elden Ring, and players and friends can often see them when they start co-op. Whether it’s invasions, weird enemy encounters, or glitches, you can always expect surprises to happen in the game.

    In Elden Ring, cooperating with friends is one of the most interesting ways to play. It is a kind of fun to share. But for some players who only like to fight, Elden Ring may become more ordinary.

    Therefore, players can cooperate with friends to relieve the pressure in life by killing the boss in Elden Ring, and at the same time get some rewards from Elden Ring Runes to escape from the boring life for a short time.

    If you want to try co-op with your friends and explore adventures, you can get enough Elden Ring Runes in to exchange multiplayer battle consumables to complete your adventure journey. You can also get 5% off with the code “CSCCA”. Hurry and try it out.

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