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Elden Ring: Guide To Get Vyke’s War Spear

Posted: Apr 14, 2023

Vyke’s War Spear is a rare weapon in Elden Ring that almost scares every Tarnished. Its inherent madness attribute, long-range attack and powerful Ash of War make him irreplaceable in the arena. Although its effectiveness in PvE combat is somewhat limited, its ability to effect can still allow players to cruise the game against any enemy in The Lands Between.

Effect Of Vyke’s War Spear

Vyke’s War Spear is the only weapon with an inherent madness attribute. And madness is a special damage effect. Once it is triggered, the enemy will receive a huge attack in an instant. 

Also, because these effects are concentrated on Vyke’s War Spear, it will also have a very effective long-range attack effect. Vyke’s War Spear can easily catch Tarnished in unexpected range.

Elden Ring How To Get Vyke's War Spear

And its Ash of War, Frenzy Flame Thrust, usually consumes 22FP of the player. Use Trident of Flames to explode on its landing even before Tarnished jumps into the air and plummets. Trident of Flames damages enemies as long as they land within that range, and the damage stacks up.

Location Of Vyke’s War Spear

Vyke’s War Spear is on the south side of Church of Inhibition Site of Grace next to Bellum Highway. Once you get close to Church of Inhibition, the player will encounter Festering Fingerprint Vyke, who will be rewarded with Vyke’s War Spear if the player successfully kills it.

If players want to find Vyke, then Bellum Church Site of Grace is the only way you must pass. You’ll need to continue southeast to another main road, and follow that road to Grand Lift Dectus. 

Then keep heading southeast, and you’ll find a small clearing. But be careful, there will be some Flaming Eyes here at any time, and they will keep pestering you.

Elden Ring Vyke's War Spear Location

You can use Torrents to dodge them and prevent the madness bar from being completely filled. If you don’t make it past them in time, be sure to bring some items that will increase your focus ahead of time. You can get it by using Elden Ring Runes, and you can also use the code “CSCCA” to get 5% off.

As you continue on this road to Frenzied Flame Village, look to your right and you will find a ramp leading northeast. Follow the ramp to the top of the hill and you will find Church of Inhibition. You can continue forward. Through Eyes of Madness in the church, you can meet Vyke.

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How To Use Vyke’s War Spear

We know weapon status effects to generally decay over time. And Vyke’s War Spear can help you attack as much as possible while getting away safely. 

It makes players extremely adept at rolling in PVP, and its sprint slam hits opponents with ease, even at great distances. This also makes it the perfect weapon for players to sneak attacks on enemies in PvE combat. Even though Vyke’s War Spear’s effects aren’t all that exciting in PvE combat, that makes it just a powerful fire-elemented beat stick.

The best Great Vyke’s War Spear Guide

The most common way for players to use Vyke’s War Spear is to obtain a second copy of it and hold two Vyke’s War Spear at the same time. Because each hit of Spear increases the madness of the enemy, the hit rate of attacking enemies is greatly increased when the player equips two weapons.

Another way to use Vyke’s War Spear is to build it with Faith spells. Because Vyke’s War Spear is proportional to the growth of Dexterity and Faith, they can increase it by using Vyke’s War Spear, so that Unendurable Frenzy makes the enemy’s madness skyrocket. 

Compared to holding two pieces of Vyke’s War Spear, it will have a faster movement setup, and will use Frenzy Flame Thrust in a time when the player needs it.

That’s all the information players need to know about how to find and use Vyke’s War Spear this time around. I hope it can help players find weapons faster and improve the game experience.


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