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Elden Ring: Best Strength Bleed Build In Patch 1.09! - The Pyroclaw

Posted: Apr 14, 2023

The build we are going to talk today is melting bosses so quickly. We have Fire. We have Bleed. We have a Jellyfish Shield. We have a ruthless pair of Bloodhound Claws. We are boosting bleed builder, boosting successive hits and we have powered up jump attacks. We also have Cragblade for the enemies that are immune to Bleed and we’re destroying everything so quickly. And this build is the Pyroclaw.

The Gear

Let’s start with the gear and setup so we can wreck anything and everything.

So, our weapon of choice is the Heavy Bloodhound Claws +25 with the heavy affinity and thanks to patch 1.09, the Claws have been buffed.

Then, to help us with our buffs, we have the Godslayer’s Seal +25 and we have a Jellyfish Shield, which we don’t need to upgrade by using Elden Ring Runes. Gear wise to really get our boosts going we have.

Elden Ring The Pyroclaw Build

The White Mask is boosting the attack when Bleed is in effect. The Raptor’s Black Feathers is increasing jump attacks. Then, we have two pieces of the Royal Remains set (Royal Remains Greaves & Royal Remains Gauntlets) for some auto danger healing at 18 Health and below.

In the Talisman slots, we have some variation depending on the situation, but we can start with Lord of Blood’s Exultation working with the White Mask to increase attack power when Bleed kicks in. We have the Claw Talisman working with the Raptor’s Black Feathers to boost jump attacks further. Then, we have Millicent’s Prosthesis,which is giving us plus five Dexterity and boosting our attack with successive hits. And then, for now, we will have the Green Turtle Talisman boosting our stamina recovery speed.

In the Flask of Wondrous Physick, we have the Faith-Knot Crystal Tear boosting our Faith by 10 points and we have the Thorny Cracked Tear boosting our attack with successive hits.

As for our spells, we have Bloodflame Blade, Flame, Grant me Strength and Golden Vow.

Elden Ring Godslayer's Seal

Stat Spread

Next, let’s have a look at the stats. I started with the Wretch class and I have capped the rune level to 150.

We have Vigor at 55 and Mind at 15. Endurance is at 24. Strength is at a whopping 80. Dexterity is at 10. We use Millicent’s Prosthesis to make this 15. This time we don’t touch Intelligence and Arcane. And our Faith is at 25.

Elden Ring the stats of Pyroclaw build


Finally, let’s talk about combat.

Of course, we want to inflict Bleed right? But we also want to hit hard and fast. So, with the first variation, we start by chugging our flask. Then, we get 35 Faith thanks to the Faith-Knot Crystal Tear. And this means the Godslayer’s Seal can be used and gives us better incantation scaling for our buffs.

Once we have buffed with our three incantations, we can restore our FP and then use the Jellyfish Shield skill contagious Fury to give ourselves another 20% damage boost on top of everything. What I mean is I just look at all these poor enemies dying. Of course, we finish our battle preparation by two handing the claws, which spits them into both hands and then you have R1 fast spam attacks and powered up jump attacks to melt bosses.

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Claws can use very limited Ashes of War and most of the buffing ones I can use just end up debuffing Bloodflame Blade, so I’ve settled for Bloodhound’s Step as it gives us a great evasive option in combat or you can try Flame of the Redmanes to get some extra Poise damage in and add a little range to the build.

Elden Ring Ash of War Cragblade

But what about enemies immune to Bleed? That’s where the Ash of War: Cragblade comes into play simply. Use this instead of Bloodflame Blade, it will increase your attack by 15% and increase your stamina and stance damage by 10% and, of course, you still have the successive hits being boosted as well.

When using this on enemies immune to Bleed, then you don’t need the White Mask and the Lord of Blood’s Exultation, so switch out the Lord of Blood’s Exultation for the Rotten Winged Sword Insignia and choose whatever mask you want instead of the White Mask. Maybe you can choose something that gives you a bit more Vigor or FP.

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Free Elden Ring Runes Giveaway


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