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Elden Ring: Guide To Get Collapsing Stars

Posted: Apr 13, 2023

Elden Ring has always been famous for having a vast space for spell exploration. Magic users can constantly pursue new spells. Only smarter players can find the most powerful spells.

There is a group of very popular spells called Gravity magic, the most famous of which is General Radahn. Players can see that this Gravity magic will emit purple-black light all over the body, which will also greatly affect the enemy’s tracking of their own position. And Collapsing Stars is one of General Radahn’s most powerful Gravity magic. Players must defeat him before finding the spell.

Where To Find Collapsing Stars

Typically, players fight General Radahn in an arena on a vast island. It would also be better suited here for turning boss fights into massive ones. In fact, most arenas are just for players to have enough space when fighting bosses. But the arena for Radahn will definitely be bigger.

After defeating Radahn, players can continue to discover the secrets of other places on the continent along the cliff on the north side. Until reaching the apex of the island, the player can find a door by the cliff, and after entering the door, the player can find War-Dead Catacombs.

Elden Ring Collapsing Stars Location

Catacombs is actually a Site of Grace, which can provide players with a safe short-term rest space. Players can rest before traveling through the rest of the dungeon and don’t forget to pack some Scarlet Rot resistance or Curative. You can also get these items with enough Elden Ring Runes to help you get through dungeon quests. Luckily, you can use code “CSCCA” to help you get 5% off.

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Free Elden Ring Runes & Items GiveAway

After the player goes deep into Catacombs, he can enter the first space, where there are some ghostly enemies guarding. Remember not to approach them. Continuing to continue along the wall on the left, the player will find an opening that leads to an underground area. There are more ghostly enemies fighting in this subterranean space, with Scarlet Rot all over the floor.

Continue in the direction you were going all the way to the back of this area, and you’ll find a chest in the middle of the room. You can immediately open the case to get Collapsing Stars inside. In the meantime, don’t forget to dodge the spooky enemies around you.

How To Use Collapsing Stars

Players who want to use Collapsing Stars must first use 36 Intelligence to memorize, which will also occupy a slot of the player, and the player will consume 18 FP every time the spell is used.

The casting time of Collapsing Stars tends to be longer than other spells. Players must stop moving before firing orbs. Therefore, all orbs will lock onto the correct target and damage them individually. We should note that the player needs to ensure that all orbs hit the enemy to cause full damage.

Elden Ring Collapsing Stars Showcase

If some small and medium-sized enemies are not completely killed by the spell during the attack, Gravity magic will also attract them to the caster’s position.

This way, the player can also manipulate where the enemy’s move during combat, or simply by knocking them down and moving their positions to gain a brief space to prepare for the next spell. When players use Meteorite Staff to cast spells, the damage of Collapsing Stars will also be greatly increased, causing higher damage output to enemies.

That’s all for players to find and use Collapsing Stars. I hope it can help players find it more smoothly to improve the game experience. Hope you have a great day.


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