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Elden Ring: A Brief Guide To Farm This Grossmesser Sword - Farming Locations & Tips

Posted: Apr 29, 2024

Grossmesser is a Curved Sword in Elden Ring. Compared to other weapons, its advantage lies in its Spinning Slash skill, which allows you to spin and attack many enemies at the same time. It works great, and the good news is its easy to find.

In this short guide, I’ll show you the best way to farm Grossmesser Sword. First, I’ll quickly show you where to get it, and then I’ll give you some tips on how to make it easier if you’re interested too. With the help of this legendary Curved Sword, your builds will reach the next level!

Elden Ring: A Brief Guide To Farm This Grossmesser Sword - Farming Locations & Tips

Grossmesser Stats

Grossmesser is powerful, dealing a lot of physical damage, and has a decent critical hit chance. It becomes stronger with Strength and Dexterity scaling. To use it, you need 14 Strength and 12 Dexterity.

Best Farming Location

The best place to farm Grossmesser Sword is Tombsward Catacombs on Weeping Peninsula. You need a Stonesword Key to open the passage behind Sites of Grace.

Next, you’ll enter this room with two skeletons: the one closest to the room’s entrance wields a Falchion, and the second one further into the room wields and can drop a Grossmesser.

So all you have to do is simply rest at Sites of Grace, run into the unlocked room, and kill the evil skeleton wielding Grossmesser. But this won’t necessarily drop Curved Sword immediately. If not, you need to run back to Sites of Grace and rest on it, then do it all over again until you get Grossmesser. It’s that simple.

I mean, aside from the super low drop rate of 2%, it’s actually pretty easy. There is no better place to farm this weapon later in the game. This is also the quickest method I’ve found when looking for a double Grossmesser for a future build.

Elden Ring: Best Grossmesser Farming Location

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Farming Tips

Now let me tell you how to cut down on this tedious grinding and reduce the harm to your health.

Use Holy Damage

The first tip is to use Holy damage against these skeletons. Holy damage is extremely effective against the undead, and when skeletons are killed by Holy damage, it will also prevent them from resurrecting.

Because of this, there is a powerful and easily obtained Ash of War that can help you complete this task effortlessly. It is Sacred Blade. This Ash of War is dropped by Scarab, which is located a little north of Third Church of Marika in Limgrave.

This can be used with almost any type of weapon except Claws, Fists, Bows and Crossbows. So infuse Ash of War into your weapons to increase the speed at which you destroy evil skeletons.

Get Items That Increase Your Drop Rate

Fortunately, there are two items in Elden Ring that actually increase item drop rates, making it easier for us to obtain Grossmesser.

The first item is called Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot, which is classified as a consumable item and increases the item discovery rate by 50 points for three minutes. Another item is Silver Scarab, which is a Talisman that players can wear.

I personally think Silver Scarab is slightly better than Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot, increasing the item discovery rate by 75 points. It can also be put on and taken off at any time. This means that whenever players want to take down an enemy, all they need to do is to equip Talisman. Then, when they’re done tilling, they can take it off.

If you have enough Elden Ring Runes and don’t want to spend the time crafting them, you can purchase Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot directly from Twin Maiden Husks at Roundtable Hold. Players will need to kill as many enemies as possible during the three minutes the item is active to take full advantage of the increased drop rate.

Elden Ring: Where To Find The Silver Scarab Talismen?

But to find Silver Scarab, players need to go all the way to Grand Lift of Rold in Forbidden Lands. From here, players need to enter Hidden Path to the Haligtree, which is located near Site of Grace that players used to get to Consecrated Snowfields. You can find it in a chest on Hidden Path to the Haligtree.

That’s it for this guide. Wish you good luck in your farming endeavors!


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