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Elden Ring: These 3 Dexterity-Centric Builds Are Absolutely Insane!

Posted: Apr 27, 2024

Welcome all gamers! I'll be presenting my selection of the 3 best dexterity builds in Elden Ring in this guide. These builds will not only provide you with an exciting gaming experience, but also significantly enhance your damage output on the battlefield. Let’s take a closer look!

Elden Ring: These 3 Dexterity-Centric Builds Are Absolutely Insane!

Hand Of Malenia Build

The first build we have is the Hand of Malenia build, and it absolutely shreds. Everything about this build is interesting and the ash of war is incredible. The dexterity is almost maxed out with this build, and overall, you're going to have an easy time. You don't have to just spam the ash of war because the weapon does very decent physical damage and has an excellent dexterity scaling.

One thing when using this build is that you don't want to build around the Blood Loss. This weapon doesn't build up Blood Loss very quickly, as the ash of war doesn't build up Blood Loss on every single hit. There's also a large amount of Hyper armor when you're in the ash of war, at least for the first part when you jump up into the air and you're about to start Waterfowl Dance.

The only negative I would say about this weapon is you really can't get it until the very end of the game after you defeat Malenia. We'll be using the Hand of Malenia Katana and also be using Okina Mask for extra dexterity. For your talisman, you use the Shard of Alexander, the Millicent's Prosthesis, the Rotten Winged Sword Insignia, and the Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman.

For your flask, you use the Dexterity-knot Crystal Tear and the Thorny Cracked Tear. All you have to do is raise your dexterity up a bit and then take away the Arcane and put it into faith so you can equip Flame Grime, Strength, and Golden Vow for extra physical damage and damage negation.

Godskin Peeler Build

The next build is the Godkin Peeler build. This is an excellent dexterity weapon with phenomenal scaling and strong damage. We also using the TwinBlade to allow you to get that jump attack moveset very easily. We’ve also paired this build with a Frost ash of war, so we’re getting some phenomenal deck damage and some Frost proccing, allowing us to get 20% extra damage on our enemy.

Elden Ring Godskin Peeler Build

All the talismans and the flask synergize incredibly well together, and the build just performs well. Not only do you get that great jump attack damage, but also the dual Twinblade moveset of just hitting a normal light attack with both of them is absolutely phenomenal. You build up your successive attacks very quickly, you’re able to pour out a ton of damage.

As we’re using the Godkin Peeler, we have the Spinning Slash ash of war, but also Repeating Thrust works incredibly well. We’re also using the Twinblade for our second weapon of this build. We’re going to be using the Raptor’s Black Feathers for your jump attacks. Then you’ll use the Rotten Winged Sword Insignia, the Shard of Alexander, the Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman, and the Claw Talisman.

When it comes to your buffs, you want to use Flame Grant Me, Strength, and Golden Vow. And for our flask, we’re going to have the Thorny Cracked Tear and the Opaline Bubbletear. This is a Level 170 build, and the majority of what you’re putting stuff into is going to be dexterity, vigor, and endurance.

Lighting Nagakiba Build

For our last build, we are going to be sticking with a Katana theme, and this is going to be a Lightning Nagakiba build. We're going to be using talismans that help us proc our successive attacks, and this build is going to be a ton of fun to play, allowing you to do a good amount of damage. We have some great talismans for this build.

The build performs incredibly well, and with the in-game bosses, there really wasn't a problem at all doing enough damage to them. The Nagakiba has an excellent advantage when it comes to its range as it's the longest Katana in Elden Ring, and it definitely helps this build out.

This weapon is going to have a great dexterity scaling, and it's also going to have some great physical damage, especially with the Katana moveset. As fast as you can get these attacks off, you're going to be pouring out damage like crazy, and you're going to have a great time with this particular build.

We have the Nagakiba with the Spinning Slash ash of war. For your talisman, you have the Erdtree's Favor +2, the Shard of Alexander, the Rotten Winged Sword Insignia, and the Lightning Scorpion Charm. For your flask, you're going to have the Thorny Cracked Tear and the Lightning-Shrouding Crack Tear. And for your buff, we have Flame Grant me, Strength, Golden Vow, and Electrify Armament.


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