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Elden Ring: Master These Key Tips To Help You Farm Executioner’s Greataxe Effortlessly

Posted: Apr 22, 2024

Executioner’s Greataxe is an important weapon in Elden Ring, primarily scaling with Strength and Dexterity. Its skill War Cry gives the user the ability to temporarily increase attack power. While active, power attacks become charge attacks.

This weapon is uncommon and only has a 4% drop rate. So in this guide, I’m going to show you where to farm this Greataxe and give you some tips on how to make things easier so that your farming process is less harmful to your health.

Elden Ring: Master These Key Tips To Help You Farm Executioner’s Greataxe Effortlessly

Farming Spot

Closer to home, the best place to farm this weapon is actually in the middle of nowhere in Liurnia of the Lakes. To make it easier for you to find this location, look for South Raya Lucaria Gate Site of Grace.

Then zoom in and try to align your cursor with Site of Grace or the bridge, and look slightly to the right at this location, which shows a tree and a small box with an X inside, which is actually a collapsed tower. Mark it on the map and get close to it.

Once you get close to the tree and these tombstones, some Evil Skellies will appear from the ground.

Now pay close attention to the next instructions: look for the taller skeleton. He is the one who dropped Executioner’s Greataxe. Kill him and wait to see if he drops anything. If no weapons are dropped, you have to let the other skeletons kill you.

Elden Ring: Executioner's Greataxe Farming Spot

Since Stakes of Marika is very close to this place. So when prompted, you just need to choose to respawn at Stakes of Marika.

You spawn already facing where the skeleton is. You just need to walk a few steps or ride the torrent and kill the big skeleton again. That’s it. It’s simple once you know the location.

What’s not simple is that the chance of dropping this Executioner’s Greataxe is only 4%. It took me 32 minutes to drop the first one. So you need to be prepared.

Farming Tips

Now I’ll give you some tips on how to make it more efficient.

Increase Holy Damage

First, let’s exploit the weakness of the skeleton that drops Executioner’s Greataxe. These types of enemies have weaknesses to two types of damage: Strike and Holy, making them very vulnerable to damage.

The easiest way to deal Holy damage, no matter what Rune Level character is or what build you are using, is to use Ash of War Sacred Blade. It can be used on any type of weapon except Fists, Claws, Whips, Bows and Crossbows.

To obtain it, go to Third Church of Marika in Limgrave. Once there, head north. On the way up, there is a Scarab that you can kill to get Ash of War Sacred Blade. Infuse it into your weapon and set the affinity to Sacred, and you’re ready to melt those Evil Skellies.

Elden Ring: Ash of War Sacred Blade

Equip Mace

Now for weapons, any weapon that deals attack damage will do. But if you don't have one, the easiest one to get is Mace, which you can buy at Twin Maiden Husks with Elden Ring Runes. You just need to rest at a Site of Grace and Melina will take you there.

Improve Item Discovery Value

The next tip is to increase Item Discovery value of your character. But this farming location has a catch with this trick: it only works on mid to late game characters.

This is because a consumable item that boosts your character Item Discovery, Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot, is not recommended for use here. Because every time you are killed, the boost disappears. So it can get expensive quickly.

But for mid-end game characters, you can equip Silver Scarab Talisman and Rebirth at Rennala to increase your Arcane level.

Properly Allocate Skill Points

Here comes the final tip. When respawning, first add the requirements for the weapons that need to be used, then raise Arcane to the highest possible level. If you still have points left, add Faith to increase Holy damage. Finally, don't put a little bit on Vigor so your health is as low as possible so you can get killed by skeletons faster.

That’s all. I hope this guide was useful to you. Hurry up and try it out and create your best build with this Greataxe!


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