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Elden Ring: The Best One-Shot Build To Enter Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC! - Dragonborn Blood Mage

Posted: Apr 15, 2024

In this guide, I’ll be bringing you the strongest build in Elden Ring, Dragonborn Blood Mage. It can do everything the typical Lightning One Shot God Build and Scavenger’s Curved Sword Bleed Build can do.

In addition, we’ve also added One Shot Spell for each damage type, which allows you to target the weak point of any boss in Elden Ring with this build.

This is also the best build to start Shadow of the Erdtree DLC as it has no weaknesses. You can easily one-shot anything with very little buff within the safety of Blood Mage, and you can also use bleed weapons and play melee meta play style. I’m sure this will go down as the most powerful overall build in Elden Ring history.

Elden Ring: The Best One-Shot Build To Enter Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC! - Dragonborn Blood Mage

Stats & Starting Class

Before we get started, we’ll go over the stats and starting classes I recommend for this build.

Right now, the optimal class to achieve these stats at level 150 is Bandit. Also, keep in mind that some of these stats are flexible and you can adjust them as needed.

  • Vigor 50
  • Mind 15
  • Endurance 19
  • Strength 9
  • Dexterity 14
  • Intelligence 9
  • Faith 33
  • Arcane 80


Next, let’s look at weapons first, as this is pretty unique in terms of the weapon choices it gives you.

The most important weapon in this build will be Dragon Communion Seal. This Seal increases the damage of Dragon Communion Incantations by 15%.

Elden Ring: How To Get The Dragon Communion Seal?

If you want a taste of melee combat, based on these stats, I recommend grabbing Dual Scavenger’s Curved Swords. This item is now just loot on a corpse in Mt Gelmir, but a Grafted Scion guards it. To defeat this Field Boss, spending Elden Ring Runes on decent equipment is crucial.

Since you can only grab one per game, unless you have a friend to give you a second, I recommend grabbing Bandit’s Curved Sword in your off-hand. The easiest way to get this weapon is to farm it from Skeletal Bandits next to Church of Pilgrimage, so you can get this very early.

Now, since this is also a Curved Sword, it shares a move set with Scavenger’s Curved Sword, which includes jumping multi-attack, running multi-attack, and a fast double hit L1 spam.

It’s also important to note that you can always use Jellyfish Shield. It’s just some jellyfish ground loot on a broken carriage, and its Contagious Fury skill will increase all damage by 20% for 30 seconds.


Now, let’s talk about spells and skills, as this gives this build the versatility to solve everything in the game in one shot.

First off, Dragonmaw is cool because it’s a physical damage skill that you can buy instantly with a Dragon Heart from Cathedral of Dragon Communion.

Agheel’s Flame is another significant item you can get early on. All you need to do is kill Flying Dragon Agheel and purchase this spell from Cathedral of Dragon Communion. This will cost you two Dragon Hearts, but then it will grant you his Firebreather attack.

Now, for enemies with fire damage but weak magic, I recommend Smarag’s Glintstone Breath. All you need to do is kill Smarag west of Academy, and you can purchase it for two Dragon Hearts. This is very similar to Agheel’s Flame, but it will be a breath attack based on magic damage.

Elden Ring: Smarag's Glintstone Breath

Ekzykes’s Decay isn’t just a spell that applies Scarlet Rot, it’s also capable of dealing massive physical damage. All you need to do is kill Ekzykes and purchase it with two Dragon Hearts.

Dragonclaw is another spell that can be purchased at any time from Cathedral of Dragon Communion. It only costs one heart and is a very cool spell that has an immediate follow-up attack. It has great AOE and is good for exploration. But for bosses, Dragonmaw is probably better.


For armor, I don’t think you can find a better armor set for a dragon theme build than this.

I used Scaled Greaves because they give us 20 poise and they go together surprisingly well. Veteran’s Gauntlets gave 8 poise and also matched very well. Drake Knight Armor is always our only choice for chest armor, it provides 19 poise. Then the 4 poise on Skeletal Mask pushes us to the 51 poise breakpoint.

Like I said, I don’t think you can get to 51 poise and find a set of armor that looks better than this one.


One of the most attractive parts of this build is that you only need very few buffs to do incredible damage. I used about 2 or 3 buffs for most of the game.

The first is Golden Vow, which is a staple in any incantation caster build. This increases all damage by 15% and damage negation by 10% for 80 seconds.

You can then pick up Howl of Shabriri in the chest on the second floor of Frenzy-Flaming Tower. This is why we need at least 33 Faith when building, which increases all damage by 25% for 40 seconds. This is a huge damage boost and lasts a long time.

If you need to squeeze an extra 5% damage out of any physical dragon spells, Bloodboil Aromatic will increase all physical damage by 30%.

Elden Ring: Bloodboil Aromatic Explained


The fact that this build can use both these and highly scaling spells makes it the strongest overall build in Elden Ring. With this build, we can use One Shot Spell at such a high-level that we can safely kill all the bosses in the game. So, hurry up and try it out!


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