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Elden Ring: What Do We Need To Do For Strength Faith Build? - Inferno Paladin Build Guide

Posted: May 13, 2024

This is an Elden Ring Paladin build that doesn't revolve around holy damage. So it's going to be viable through the entire game. You're going to do an immense amount of damage with this build. And I was super surprised by it. So I'm hoping you are going to enjoy it.

Before we get in, I would like to remind you that investing enough Elden Ring Runes will make your building journey much smoother.

Elden Ring: What do we need to do for Strength Faith Build? - Inferno Paladin Build Guide

How The Build Works?

Let me show you exactly what we're working with. Everything that how the build works you're seeing here is recorded on a New Game 6+.

And I am currently level 170, however there is nothing in this build that makes it a new game plus build so a level 150 will be very viable for this, but this is an absolutely phenomenal build.

And we are going to focus on Flame and Flame Incantations as well as pumping out an absolutely absurd amount of fire damage. Especially, when it comes to massive enemies, we are going to be using Cranial Vessel Candlestand. I have been super surprised by this weapon.

Because first of all, I didn't even realize it existed much less than I had it sitting in my inventory. So I wanted to make a build with this and I think you guys are really going to enjoy it. This is going to focus on using Surge of Faith Ash of War on Cranial Vessel Candlestand in order to make a huge explosion of Flame and Fire Damage causing a devastating effect on your enemy.

And the surrounding area we're going to boost that damage as much as possible. We have a great selection of Talismans here for you as well in order to make sure you're doing as much damage with Incantations and Ash of War as humanly possible. We are going to be having that Great Hammers Moveset with this weapon. And it is one of the better Movesets in the game.

In my opinion, Drip is a point. The damage is phenomenal.


So let's go ahead and jump right into Talisman's. So you Talismans can see how this build is going to synergy. For Talisman of this build, we have Shard of Alexander, Fire Scorpion Charm, Old Lord's Talisman as well as Godfrey Icon. Now I'm going to explain what each one of these does and why I've chosen these Talisman for the build.

Shard of Alexander is going to give our Surge of Faith a 15% damage increase whenever we use it. So having more damage in a build is always ideal and the same goes for our number two Talisman.

Fire Scorpion Charm because that's going to boost our damage with fire damage by 12% but it is going to make us take 10% more damage. However, this is not a problem at all because we typically kill everybody before we can even take damage.

So it isn't an issue moving on to our third Talisman. We are using Old Lord's Talisman as stated before we are using some Buffs for this build. Flame grants me Strength and Golden Vow, just to name two of them but with Flame grant me Strength only lasting 30 seconds.

Old Lord Tailsman is going to make all Buffs last for 33% longer but that being said, we typically kill everybody in a boss fight before we even get to that 30 second Mark. This is just a nice cushion when you're out in the open world.

And finally, for our fourth Talisman. We are using Godfrey Icon. This is going to enhance Charged Skills and Spells. And a lot of our Incantations are going to be charged, which is why I have this in slot number. For having that extra damage is always going to be nice in all of these Talisman synergize to give us a really solid amount of extra damage for this build.

Shard of Alexander can be located in Alexander's Questline at the end of the game. You guys can check that out and Fire Scorpion Charm is going to be located in Fort Laiedd right here. On the map top of one of the ramp parts, Old Lords Talisman is going to be located at the very end of the game in Farum Azula right here on the map.

And if you want Godfrey Icon, then you need to travel up to Altus's Plateau and hit the first ever Jail that you see Golden Lineage ever jail.


Now, as far as our actual Weapons and Seal obviously, we're Weapons using Cranial Vessel Candlestand. This can be found all the way up in Mountaintops of Giants almost right when you get into them.

But it's going to be located in Giant-Conquering Hero's Grave at the very end on top of a Corpse. But this weapon is absolutely phenomenal. It is going to be a Great Hammerand we are using Surge of Faith.

It's Ash of War, its physical damage is going to be 240 plus 221 and its fire damage is going to be 240 plus 202. All of this is going to be buffed with. Flame grant me Strength and Golden Vow allowing our damage to go even higher.

And these Strength and Faith Scaling of this weapon are absolutely incredible with a Strength Scaling of B and a Faith Scaling of B and a decently low requirement to use at 26 Strength and 22 Faith.

This weapon is definitely going to be one of the better weapons in my opinion, when it comes to Fire Damage now. As far as our Seal goes, we are going to be using Giant Seal because it's going to give us a 20% increase to our giant Flame Incantations. And we are using quite a few of those. It also has a Faith scaling of S and some very decent Incantation Scaling at 273.

So overall, we're going to get some really solid damage to our Incantations from using this particular Seal. Now this Seal is also going to be found in Giant Conquering Hero's Grave right here on the map, just like Candlestand was. So you can get two, for one deal when you go into that Dungeon.


Now as far as your Flask of Wondrous Physick, it is going to go with this build. If you want to use Flame-Shrouding Cracked here, it's going to give us a 20% increase to our Fire Damage. This is also going to stack with Flame Grant Me Strength and also Fire Scorpion Charm giving us somewhere above 54% increased fire damage with this build which is incredible.

And the second you want to use is going to be Strength not Crystal Tear. This Tear is going to boost our Strength by 10 when we use it, so it's going to give us a total of 60 Strength for the build. And we'll also have 60 Faith for the build giving us a really solid damage point. To jump off from Strength not Crystal Tear. It is going to be located right here in Limgrave within a small Altar on a cliff side.

If you're trying to get Flame-Shrouding Crack Tear, this will be located in Caelid after killing Putrid Avatar and east of Smoldering Church right.


Here now, before we jump into the stats. I do want to go over Incantations. We are using Incantations and two Buff Incantations as well as four damage Incantations which I feel go very well with this build. And they're going to cause you to do a lot of damage.Those damage Incantations are going to be caught Flame Fall Upon Them, Burn O flame as well as Giantsflame Take Thee for our Buff Spells.

We have Flame Grant Me Strength and Golden Vow. Both those Spells together are going to combine, allowing you to get a 15% damage negation buff as well as a 35% increased physical damage buff with 20% increase to you. Fire Damage Flame Grant Strength is going to be located at Fort Gael right between two Fire Chariots behind Fort.

If you want to snag golden Vow, it's going to be up here in Mt. Gelmir right at Corpse-Stench Shack catch Flame can either be a starting class Incantation for the profit. Or you can buy it from Corhyn Roundtable hold. And if you snag Giant’s Prayer Book located in Mountaintops of Giants right here,you're going to be able to use Flame Fall Upon Them, Burn O Fame as well as Giantsflame Take Thee.

Elden Ring builds are crafted


And lastly we have the stats for the build, so we are going stats to be using a level 170 build as I said. We're going to have 50 Vigor, 25 Mind, 30 Endurance Strength is going to be at 50, 18 Dexterity, 9 Intelligence, 60 Faith, and Arcane at 7. All these stats together are going to give you a really solid damage point for your build.

And I've really enjoyed playing to Lands Between so far. And guys there we have it that is going to be it for Inferno Paladin build. I am super pumped about this one. I definitely enjoyed playing through Lands between with it and I definitely hope you will as well.


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