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Elden Ring: The Best Places To Farm Crescent Moon Axe Efficiently!

Posted: May 15, 2024

In preparation for Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, which releases on June 21st of this year, I created a great starter build to get a head start on getting into the new expansion, and that’s Maelstrom Rogue Build. But the one weapon you need to complete this build is Crescent Moon Axe.

Crescent Moon Axe is a melee weapon in Elden Ring that has great synergy with Maelstrom Rogue. But it is not easy to obtain this weapon. In this guide, we’ll go over a few locations to farm Crescent Moon and provide some tips on how to make things easier so that your farming process is less harmful to your health.

Elden Ring: The Best Places To Farm Crescent Moon Axe Efficiently!

Crescent Moon Axe Drop Location

This weapon is only dropped by one type of enemy, they are large variants of Exile Soldiers, and they are very rare throughout the game, only appearing in Stormveil Castle and Castle Sol. While these farming spots worked and didn’t take that long, I was wondering if there was a more efficient way. So I investigated these two locations in particular.

To my surprise, I discovered a unique location on Castle Sol that wasn’t covered by any of the locations I’d seen before. So this guide not only covers this location but also the former locations for those looking for this weapon early on.

Stormveil Castle

The first location is right in the middle of Stormveil Castle, on the map. When you arrive at this hall with patrolling Grafted Scion, there is an obvious doorway to the west, where you will find a passage locked by fog that can be opened with a Stoneword Key.

After going down the stairs, clues will lead you to Armory, where there are two large Exile Soldiers that drop Crescent Moon Axe.

Farming Tips

Now, I want to share some tips about farming in this location.

First, start at Rampart Tower Site of Grace. Note, instead of taking the elevator down, go outside and look for this tilted tile, which you can use as a guide to jump to the roof below.

Now, look for the two rats and a lone Exile Soldier. You need to get to where the soldiers are. To do this, first jump to the edge of this wall on the roof, then jump to where the rat is. You’ll take fall damage, but not much. But if you have more Elden Ring Runes, purchasing some consumables can make you safer while exploring.

Regardless of whether you deal with the rats or not, you need to look for the wooden platform where the soldiers are and get down from there. Go through the doorway and you’ll enter the Armory with two tall Exile Soldiers.

Now, there are two ways to get back, depending on whether you use Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot. If not, you can simply open the map and fast travel to Rampart Tower Site of Grace, then repeat the process.

But if you use Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot and don’t want to lose the boost, take the stairs up, turn right, and then turn again for the shortcut elevator. It will take you back to Rampart Tower Site of Grace. Just don’t forget to send it down when you reach the top.

Elden Ring: Crescent Moon Axe Location

Castle Sol

The second option is at Castle Sol. It’s located in the last indoor area before the boss arena. This is the most efficient option. But this place is only accessible at the end of the game. So this is the best option for high-level characters to farm Crescent Moon Axe.

If you want to get this weapon in the next New Game or something similar, then this must be for you. There are no gimmicks or hidden paths here. It’s very straightforward.

Then start from Church of the Eclipse Site of Grace and follow the south until you find the building in front of the church exit. Don’t go under the stairs as this will trigger some enemies. Instead, head straight for the stairs, turn left and walk a few steps.

Note that there is an Albinauric hanging from the ceiling here, which emits hatred and screams, causing two giant Exile Soldiers to spawn. As soon as he screams, turn around and quickly kill Exile Soldier that appears around the corner, then turn around and kill the second soldier closer to you.

You’ll find a regular Exile Soldier at the back stairs, but you can ignore him. While he can be a little annoying in throwing grenades, it’s still much better than other soldier variants. So, you just kill two Exile Soldiers and run back to Site of Grace and repeat, as it’s not one hit of the soldiers that will drop this weapon.

It’s that simple. On average, it takes about 36 seconds to run to a farming site, defeat two Exile Soldiers, and run back to Site of Grace. If you have access to Mountaintops of the Giants, it’s the most efficient place to farm Crescent Moon Axe. However, you need to be at least level 100 to enter. Therefore, if you want to farm it early, you can only do so in Stormveil Castle.

That’s all we have for Farming Crescent Moon Axe. I hope you found this guide helpful and good luck!


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