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EA FC 24: What Is The Best Way Of Spending The 4,600 FC Points Early On?

Posted: Sep 16, 2023

Posted: Sep 16, 2023

Source:  IGGM

EA FC 24 is nearly here, which means we’re closer to spending those FIFA points earlier than ever before. But what is the best way of spending the FC Points in EA FC 24, especially on the first day or first week?

I’m going to show you the best ways to spend these points and how to make the most FC 24 Coins possible right now.

I have five options which are going to help you gain a fast start with these FC Points and I’ll tell you at the end, which I think is the absolute best way to spend those pre-order points.

EA FC 24: What Is The Best Way Of Spending The 4,600 FC Points Early On?

1. Packs

First, packs.

I just had to start with packs, didn’t I. In the past on FIFA, I’ve been known to pack R9 Ronaldo, Pele, and even Messi in the launch weeks of a new FIFA.

However, that is extremely rare and lucky. Premium Gold Packs are currently the worst for form of gold pack you can buy in FIFA. That will most likely be the case in EA FC 24. And if you spend all 4, 600 FC Points on Premium Gold Packs, you will have 30 packs to open.

Now, mostly, you’ll be packing gold players rated from 76 to 84 rating with potentially a few players above 86 or higher. However, from my experience, you are lucky if you pack one or two walkouts from this amount of FIFA Points in the past.

The good thing about spending the pre-order FC Points on packs is that your guaranteed FUT 24 Coins from those packs and you can sell every item in each pack to make the most from every single pack that you’ve opened.

You also get a lot of gold players to kick-start your ultimate team and a lot of players to add into early SBCs. That is the plus side. The obvious risk here is that you spend every single pre-order FC point on these gold packs and you don’t get anything good at all.

So, I opened a 7.5k pack on FIFA 23. As a primary example, if I quick sold every item, it would give me around 2,000 coins per pack. So, 37.5k gold packs would equal 60,000 FIFA 24 Coins to start EA FC 24 if each pack is similar to that.

Obviously, every pack is different, but 60,000 coins from 30 packs is not a good return at all. And spending all of the points on packs is something you would normally do at the start of a new FIFA.

2. Online Draft

The next option is spending all of the 4,600 points on FUT draft specifically online draft.

Online draft gives you better rewards and a single player. And if you’re a decent player, you can definitely win a few early FUT drafts. FUT draft is a game mode where you select players at random for each position of your team and a bench as well.

Once the team is drafted, you play a maximum of four opponents. And if you win four out of four games, you have won a FUT draft. Each stage of a draft unlocks better rewards, too. So, you’re playing for rewards in each game that you play.

A FUT draft costs 300 points to play him, so you could end to 15 FUT drafts with the pre-order bonus. That’s a lot of FUT drafts and a lot of potential fantastic rewards.

The main reason for drafts are great at the start is obviously the pack rewards. Normally, when you win a draft, you earn a Mega Pack or Premium Gold Player Pack. Sometimes, you can own a 50k pack on a rare occasion 100,000-coin pack. Now, with those kinds of packs compared to a measly 7500 coin pack, that’s a big difference.

The downside to draft if you never played a draft before is that even if you win a FUT draft sometimes, it can give you a 5,000-coin pack and maybe a 15,000-coin pack. That is the main annoyance that we’ve all had of winning a FUT draft. I know we’ve all been there.

So, even for draft can be risky, however another massive part of using these points on FUT draft is that you can also complete objectives on Milestones early on, which reward you with packs along the way at the same time as playing a draft. So, you’re actually doing two things at one set and more rewards, which is amazing. Will you play FUT draft with these FC Points or are you still vibing with packs early on?

3. Offline Draft

The third option is a very straightforward idea, and it’s a single player draft.

This is not spoken about enough, however, it could be to your advantage. This is the same game mode as FUT draft, however it’s not playing against online opponents. Instead, it’s AI players.

This will give you lesser rewards as you know you’re not playing against someone with a crazy skill level. But it does reduce the risk of losing due to playing computer players. Definitely use this method guys if you’re nervous are playing online so early on in EA FC 24.

4. Half Packs & Half Drafts

The next option is a balanced way of using 4,600 FC Points and isn’t used anywhere near enough. Literally spend half of the points on the FUT draft and half on packs.

The good and also bad thing about packs is that you never know what you’re going to get. You might get lucky spending 2,300 FC Points unpacking Messi or an icon early on, or you might pack nothing, which definitely can happen.

However, a lot of us love opening packs, so this can be a good balance with the other 2300 points going on FUT draft. That way, you can say you’ve tried everything early on in the EA FC 24.

5. Wait For Promo

Now, on to the final option of spending your 4,600 pre-order FC Points correctly is a bit of an out there take. However, some players have been known to save these points and use them in an upcoming promo in the new game instead.

A promo in FIFA is a promotion, which normally takes place on a Friday. A promo in FIFA essentially is where a player gets a special card and big boost to these items, which means they’re worth significantly more than their regular cards in Ultimate Team.

In the past, Messi has been 94 rated at the start of a new FIFA and when Team of the Year comes round, he’ll be 99 rated, so you can kind of imagine some of the boosts that we have seen in the past.

Now, I would argue that 98.9% of players cannot wait this long. However, imagine in January, when it’s Team of the Year, and you’ve saved 4,600 FC Points for 200k packs. You never know what you’ll get. So, what is the actual correct way to spend your pre-order 4,600 FC Points in the EA FC 24?

If you’re a decent FIFA Player already, then it’s absolutely Online FUT Draft every single FC Point on online drafts literally. If you win a few drafts early on, you receive big packs, which can earn you far more than 60,000 coins from just a 7.5k pack.

Another brilliant option from today’s guide is doing half packs and half drafts. That way, you’ve truly tried both ways to see what you can achieve in the EA FC 24.


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