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EA FC 24: The 4-1-2-1-2(2) Formation In The Weekend League Is Unstoppable Post Patch!

Posted: Apr 08, 2024

Posted: Apr 08, 2024

Source:  IGGM

The 4-1-2-1-2 second variation is an incredible formation that can help you win in the EA FC 24 Weekend League which is very effective after the Patch. In this guide, I’ll demonstrate precisely how you can utilize these unique custom tactics to your advantage.

By following the steps outlined in this guide, I’m confident that you can significantly increase your success and approach FC 24 with a fresh perspective.

EA FC 24: The 4-1-2-1-2(2) Formation In The Weekend League Is Unstoppable Post Patch!

Custom Tactics

Defensive Tactics: Your Defensive Style is going to be unbalanced this time. I don’t choose pressure on heavy touch because I’m going to go to the Depth of 71. I put the Width on 33 to have all my players even play closer to each other when we are defending. Because of the Depth of 71, you’re going to have crazy pressure on your opponent and make him lose the ball a lot of times with patience in defending from the front, not pulling your players out of position.

Offensive Tactics: Your Build Up play in offense is going to be unbalanced. Your chance creation on your passing and then the Width is going to be on 45. Despite being a narrow formation, you will see that we will go a lot of times through the wings, despite not having a Winger, and create a lot of chances that way.

Players in Box are going to be on 7 because this formation is extremely aggressive. When you get the ball back, you want to make sure to build up as fast as possible and score a lot of counter attacks, a lot of cutbacks, and a lot of easy goals by having more numbers compared to your opponent. And then your Corners and Free Kicks are going to be on 2 bars.

Player Instructions

Next, let's go to the player instructions:

Strikers: Left Striker is going to Stay Central and Get In Behind. You want to make sure you have a player who is pretty pacy, who can get in between your opponent's Defenders and is also good at finishing. Your Right Striker needs to be on Drift Wide and Gett In Behind.

He needs to handle the ball pretty well to hold the ball for your Striker or for your CAM to make those cutbacks or to finish by going wider in opposition Defenders and make easy goals.

EA FC 24 4-1-2-1-2(2) Formation

CAM: Your CAM needs to be on Come Back On Defense, Get Into The Box For Cross, and Aggressive Interceptions. You have him coming back to help your Defenders, but when you’re attacking, he’s going to join your Strikers. He’s going to go to the free spaces to the wing as well, get the ball, pass it to the Strikers again as a cutback or a through ball, and make those spaces for your Strikers.

Or he can go behind your opposition Defenders and score easy goals. But you need to make sure that he’s a playmaker who has at least 5-star skill moves because you would need him to hold the ball and dribble with him to create a lot of spaces for your other players.

Left & Right Center Mid: Your Left Center Mid is going to Stay Back While Attacking, Cover Center, and aggressive interceptions. Your most important player is your Right Center Mid, which needs to be an actual attacker. You can get Kylian Mbappé in your team, which is Get Forward, Get Into The Box For Cross, Aggressive Interceptions, Drift Wide, and Cover Center.

You put him to get forward to join your attackers, and he’s going to be your third attacker. He’s going to drift wide to help your Right Striker and make a lot of space by one-two to each other or passing options that are going to give you and then bring the ball to the center. You can do cutbacks. you can bring it to the middle to find a gap between your opponent’s Defenders.

CDM: Your CDM needs to be on Cut Passing Lanes, Stay Back While Attacking, and Cover Center.

Left & Right Back: Your Left and Right Back are going to be Stay Back While Attacking, Overlap, and Stepup. One of them needs to be more of a defensive Right Back, and one of them needs to be better at attacking and delivering crosses or cutbacks.

Goalkeeper: Your Goalkeeper can be on Comes For Crosses.


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