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EA FC 24: 5 Contenders For The Best Attackers In TOTY Promo!

Posted: Jan 05, 2024

Team of the Year proceedings is coming to EA FC 24 Ultimate Team, allowing players to vote for the best football players of the past year.

While nominees are selected by EA Sports based on their real-life performance, fans have the final say on the matter. Best of all, the winning athlete will receive amazing upgrade cards.

They usually held TOTY events in January every year. As the time approaches, the community is speculating on who the possible 2023 Team of the Year nominees will be.

There were a lot of talented players last year, and the official Ballon d’Or rankings will definitely influence the voting as well. However, certain athletes steal the spotlight from their talent.

In this guide, we will discuss 5 contenders for the best attackers in TOTY squad in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team.

EA FC 24: 5 Contenders For The Best Attackers In TOTY Promo!

Lionel Messi

Although Messi is relatively inactive and sluggish in the second half of 2023 due to a move to Inter Miami in MLS, he is still a prime candidate for TOTY list due to his popularity.

As the reigning Ballon d’Or holder, it’s hard to argue against him joining the team. Especially considering how powerful his TOTY items could be in the game’s current meta.

This Ignacio Maestro already has a Radioactive promo card in EA FC 24. The card sells for well over 1 million FC 24 Coins on Ultimate Team Transfer Market. If he appeared in TOTY series, his enhanced version would undoubtedly be one of the most expensive and popular items in the game.

Erling Haaland

Erling Haaland achieved a historic treble by breaking Premier League goalscoring record in his first season at Manchester City and winning Champions League in dramatic fashion.

As a result, many believe he deserves Ballon d’Or award. Although Norwegian marksman failed to win the championship, he was definitely one of the top candidates on TOTY list.

There are few players that can match Haaland’s resume in 2023, as evidenced by his overall rating in EA FC 24.

He stands as one of the four highest-rated football players in the game, and his TOTY version will surpass his recently released 94-rated Ultimate Dynasties card.

Kylian Mbappe

Since moving to PSG from Monaco, Mbappe has become a member of Ultimate Team TOTY squad every year. Despite his performance in December 2022 final, he narrowly missed out on a second World Cup title. However, he went on to lead the club to the league title.

Given his popularity both in real life and on the virtual court, he will definitely be selected for a Team of the Year again.

This mercurial French attacker is by far the most powerful golden attacker in EA FC 24. His various special FC 24 player cards are always a hit, and his two POTM items are testament to his consistency this season. And his TOTY version rivals even Ronaldo Nazario and Ronaldinho Thunderstruck as the best attacker in Ultimate Team.

EA FC 24: TOTY Predictions

Victor Osimhen

Although Napoli have struggled this season to regain the form they showed in Serie A last season, their talismanic forward Victor Osimhen continues to improve and perform at the highest level.

Nigerian marksman is one of the most talked about players in European football club at the moment, as is evident from his place in the top ten of Ballon d’Or rankings.

This year, Osimhen has released an impressive RTTK card. Therefore, his inclusion in TOTY roster could give him the boost he needs to truly become an elite-level attacker in EA FC 24.

Antoine Griezmann

Atletico Madrid star forward Antoine Griezmann has been one of the most underrated players for years.

He is an integral part of France national football team. His contribution has been an important part of France’s recent success in events such as EURO and World Cup. He was also La Liga’s best player last season and deservedly earned promotion to EA FC 24.

This was despite Griezmann taking on a more prominent role on the pitch and almost acting like a false 9 under the tutelage of Diego Simeone. But technically, Griezmann is still classified as an attacker.

His PlayStyle+ skills make him a deadly striker in EA FC 24, and his variety of special cards are also one of the most popular La Liga options in Ultimate Team.

These are what I think are the five best attackers in this year’s TOTY squad. What do you think of this list? Who is the best attacker in your opinion?


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