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Diablo 4: How To Prepare For Season 1? - Everything You Need To Do Right Now

Posted: Jul 14, 2023

We are currently only 10 days away from Season 1 officially starting in Diablo 4. So, here, I want to go over everything that you need to do right now to prepare.

1. Finish The Campaign In Diablo 4

The first thing on this list is finishing the Diablo 4 campaign.

The developers have mentioned already a few times that in order for you to unlock the Season of the Malignant, even on the seasonal realm, you’re going to have to make sure you finish the Diablo 4 storyline. 

Diablo 4: How To Prepare For Season 1? - Everything You Need To Do Right Now

So, make sure that your main focus above all else is at least finishing that story. Additionally, about halfway through, I would say the start of Act 4, you actually unlock your mount.

Once again, when you do create a fresh seasonal character, you should make sure that you have access to your mount immediately and you have finished the storyline. That way, you can take advantage of the malignant monsters and content in Season 1.

Not only that, by completing the campaign prior to Season 1 launching, your character will also get the ability to skip the campaign, which then gets you further into the action sooner for the malignant season 1.

I’ve seen a lot of players just focus on the storyline up until they get their mount. And then, they have purely just left it alone and are grinding all the other types of content. 

I will say that typically that would be okay and you can play the game how you want to. But if you are looking forward to that seasonal content, you should make sure you have it fully completed before the malignant content does start to show its face even on a fresh new seasonal character.

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2. Find The Altars Of Lilith

The second important thing is finding the Altars of Lilith. These Altars of Lilith are pretty much scattered throughout the entire Sanctuary. All the different zones and regions will have a certain number of them.

You can check them by opening up your map. And if you’re on a keyboard, hitting the ‘W’ key will pull up your challenges for each individual region and you can go through and see how many statues of Lilith that you’ve already discovered.

Diablo 4 Altars Of Lilith

Furthermore, if you are looking to track down these Altars of Lilith, you can utilize a website called This one does have an interactive map that you can hide everything else but just show the Altars of Lilith, making it very easy for you to start grinding them out before Season 1 officially arrives. 

There is a grand tour of a 160 Altars of Lilith to find and activate. And doing so will grant you a lot of really good stuff, such as your inventory upgrades, bonus attribute points, skill points, Diablo 4 Gold, XP bonuses, and much more. So, you definitely do not want to miss out on those. 

Additionally, here, the Altars of Lilith will be carrying over to your level 1 seasonal character. So, by clearing it now and taking advantage of the time you have, prior to Season 1 will save you time and get you right into the new seasonal content as soon as the season does officially launch by having these already done. 

As you’re running around trying to collect every single statue of Lilith to max out at all of them, 160. You might as well focus on clearing out all of the areas that you have yet uncovered when it comes to the Fog of War, which essentially is just clearing your entire map.

3. Max Out Renown

When you click ‘M’ on your map, you will see some areas are clouded and covered and you need to uncover those. Once again, if you hit ‘W’ on your key when you are looking at the map in the game, it will bring up your challenges.

And you can see down here at the bottom right, we have the Fog of War or areas discovered. You should make sure that you are discovering all of those as you possibly can as the more that you have, the more Renown will be rewarded to your seasonal character as soon as you officially create them at the start of Season 1.

Diablo 4 Renown System

What I mean by Renown actually carrying over for your seasonal character? That means rewards like extra Skill Points, Paragon Points, maximum capacity increases for your Potions and your Obols, and much more. So, you absolutely do not want to miss out on at least clearing every single area for different Diablo 4 Items while you’re taking advantage of getting all of your statues of Lilith.

Additionally, you do want to make sure that you are clearing and picking up every single Waypoint that is available in the game. Because your fresh seasonal character is able to utilize those waypoints and start teleporting right away. 

4. Take Advantage Of The Important Day Of July 18th

Last but not least, when it comes to preparing for Season 1, that brings us to the important date of July 18th. It’s important for a couple of reasons.

1. That’s gonna be the official date for the patch for everything season one. However, it doesn’t go live or activate until July 20th. So, you can start downloading it officially two days earlier. It’s important just for that alone. 

2. But why it’s actually even more important is that the developers did mention in the most recent livestream that they do advise every single player to log into all of their characters at least once after July 18th. 

All you got to do is log in. What it’s going to do then is writing back all of your progress into like the server or the cloud. And then that way, all of that progress is combined and then carried over into Season 1.

So, if you are a player that has maybe some Altars of Lilith on your Rogue or some Altars of Lilith discovered on your Barbarian or your main account or your hardcore. Whatever, you should make sure you’re logging into each one of them. Because all of it will be saved and combined for your seasonal character to unlock at level 1.

Additionally, it is important to note here that they did talk about that if your hardcore character has actually died prior to Season 1, unfortunately, that progress is not saved and you cannot log back onto that character to rewrite that progress. 

So, between now and then, you got officially 10 days to grind out as much as you possibly can in hopes of carrying that over into Season 1. 


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