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Diablo 4: A Full Guide On Side Quest And Dungeon Combinations In Fractured Peaks

Posted: Jul 13, 2023

Posted: Jul 13, 2023

Source:  IGGM

The exact release date for Diablo 4 Season 1 has been confirmed. The developer stated that in the new season, we will only use Renown for map exploration and Altars of Lilith. So one thing you can do is optimize your route to level 50 to get as many Renowns as possible.

I’ll show you this by showing you my running route. This route will optimize your dungeon run by directing you to Side Quests in the same dungeon. I’ll show you the location on the map as I go through the steps.

Diablo 4: All Sidequests in Fractured Peaks

Daughter Of The Oak

So let’s start with the first step. We’ll start with the major city. We want to go north along the main road and find Side Quest, Daughter of the Oak, where we need to complete the quest.

Fields Of Ruin

Then we go out of the city and go east. We will receive Fields of Ruin quest. For this Side Quest, you only need to complete the first part of it, which is to go around and drop Runestone. Once you do, it will unlock the quest at the next NPC, head south and take the quest, Feral Moon.

Sarat’s Lair

Once you’ve completed this Side Quest in Sarat’s Lair dungeon. It means you’ve also completed the required dungeon quest, killing two birds with one stone. Then go back outside and you can use emotes to leave the dungeon. This would be the closest way to returning to an NPC to quest.

Diablo 4: Sarat’s Lair Location

Now we’re heading east into town and heading to Waypoint under Fat Goose Inn. Once that’s done, we’ll teleport back to the principal town. We can then continue southwest to Firebreak Manor Waypoint.

After we find Waypoints, we need to head northwest to Tur Dulra Stronghold. We want to finish Stronghold, as this unlocks two dungeons with Side Quests. Once we’ve completed Stronghold, we’ll be rewarded with Diablo 4 Items that can upgrade gear from Druid in the middle.


This Side Quests is called Diviner. This quest will ask you to click on Rubble to find Runestone. Once you return Runestone to Druid and complete the quest, it’s time for some RP discussions. Then he will give you a new quest, in which the player will drop more Diablo 4 Gold and XP for killing monsters. Next we’re going to the middle level of Stronghold.

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Then we have to enter Underroot dungeon, which is related to the quest we accepted at the beginning, namely Daughter of the Oak. We can teleport back to Tur Dulra Stronghold after completing the dungeon quest. Now we’re going to complete Diviner’s request. So we need to collect two Runestones in the primary world. You can find their locations on the map.

Then, heading north, we’ll head to Wretched Delve dungeon here. We’ll find the final Runestone of the quest, and we can also complete the dungeon. But eventually we have to teleport back to Tur Dulra and turn in the quest for Druid. During this process, you want to pick up Runestones in the middle of Stronghold.

Then we’ll continue running north to Hope’s Light Stronghold, and we’ll finish it off. Then we will teleport back to the chief town and enter the quest Daughter of the Oak.

Diablo 4: Diviner Side Quests Guide

Then we’re going to run north to find Braestaig Waypoint. But this Side Quest is on the east side, called Seer. So all you have to do is kill some goatmen and they will drop Entrails. You only need to pick up five of them to complete the quest.

Next up is Smoke Signals, and we’re heading east of town. This will be a villager surrounded by a mob. We talk to them and we’re done.


We’ll go back to town to turn it in, and the same NPC will give us our next quest, Reclamation. First, we need to talk to the mayor or whoever he is in the next house. Then you have to go to the west side of the city and talk to the same NPC that gave you the quest.

She will then ask you to enter the dungeon near Domhaine Tunnels. That’s the dungeon associated with our quest to complete the quest. This will be the last quest and dungeon we do. Now we have a few things left.

Diablo 4: All Side Quest And Dungeon Combinations In Fractured Peaks

We’re going to run east to our last waypoint, which is Tirmair. We will then head north to finish the last Stronghold, Moordaine Lodge.

Summary & Conclusion

That’s all Side Quest and dungeon combinations I’ve done in Fractured Peaks. Hopefully, this guide helps you optimize your upgrade path to get as much Renown as possible.


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