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Diablo 4: You Need To Try This Method Before Its Patched! - More XP And More Chests

Posted: Jul 12, 2023

Today I'm going to show you an incredibly useful method, after the latest patch of farming yourself, infinite XP, infinite legendaries and a ton of awesome chests which you're just gonna Loot, and of course get a bunch of more awesome Diablo 4 Items from it.

Diablo 4

Next I will tell you how to do it in details.

Open Up Your Map And Mark Yourself

First you're gonna go ahead and open up your map. Then you're gonna proceed to mark yourself the same location that is marked on my map. We're going to be heading over into one of those like, basement places, these little dungeons that are on the map you're gonna make your way over this specifically this one right over here. 

Diablo 4 Open Up Your Map And Mark Yourself

Enter Dungeons 

Now you're gonna go inside of it, once you arrive there are going to be a bunch of enemies outside, but don't worry just run past them, and go inside of Dungeons. Now what's here, upon entering during it there are multiple things that can occur, either you get a bunch of enemies that will spawn, or you'll get a random event. It doesn't really matter which type of activity is in there preferably we would like it to be an actual event, because the chest that drops from an event in Dungeons is a gold chest, and of course the items in it are better than the ones without the event one. 

Diablo 4 Enter Dungeons

Kill All The Enemies And Enter Again

But either way you're just gonna go in there kill all the enemies, it won't take you more than like 20 seconds to select all of these enemies, grab the loot, grab the chest, run outside of Dungeon. Once you've spawned outside, you're gonna simply go ahead, and open up your menu and then quit to the main menu. Once here, you're gonna simply go ahead, and join back into the game, so load your character up again and you notice that you actually are gonna spawn right outside of the mine shaft of Dungeon

Diablo 4 Reset

You Can Farm It Infinitely

You're gonna be right outside of it, it's not going to take you to the town, because usually what happens if you quit the game, upon leaving one of these little dungeons, the game will actually teleport you to the nearest town upon logging back in. But with this one, we're fortunate that it doesn't do that and actually just spawns you, right outside where you just logged out of being in front of the basement. So you're gonna do a U-turn go back inside of it and warbang it is reset, either an event's gonna happen or a bunch of enemies are gonna respawn. But the awesome thing about this is you can just go in there kill them again, will take you 20 seconds maybe even less if you're quick, get the loot again, get a brand new chest, and you can farm this infinitely

Diablo 4 You Can Farm It Infinitely

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Points You Need Pay Attention

Now the chance of an event happening have been decreased, within the last couple of updates. So the chances of you get an event are a little bit lower than they used to be, but don't make that stop you because you are still gonna be able to get a ton of lose, a ton of legendaries enemies are gonna spawn this. 

If you are able to do this, I will say four go right for it. Of course that will increase the drop rate and the amount of XP you gain, and of course a ton of Diablo 4 Gold. But either way if you are able to do this, I will four go for it because it will just give you positives and it'll make it a lot better and more rewarding

But that's pretty much it for this guys definitely, this is the best way to find yourself a ton of easy Loot, without having to put too much effort in literally 20 second runs. 


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