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Diablo 4: Is There A Problem With Game's Buffs? - Questions From Players

Posted: Jul 14, 2023

Posted: Jul 14, 2023

Source:  IGGM

As is known to us all, the release of Diablo 4 has achieved great success, and Season 1 will be released on the 20th of this month, it is less than a week away from today. Many players are also full of confidence in Diablo's season series, but at the same time There are issues some players have raised with the game, including concerns about the new season.

Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Doesn't Perform Well With Buff Effects

Although Diablo 4's release has been relatively stable, and the developers have solid plans for the future, I don't think Diablo 4 is a perfect game by any means, because there are some players who complain like me about the game's Buffs effect poor performance.

As the latest entry in the long-running Diablo series, Diablo 4's overall storyline and progression are largely tied to the previous games, Diablo 4 Items in the game have also been updated, with a focus on delivering a strong narrative and increasing power-scale to encourage players to enter the game more challenging content. Although the developers have done a lot since the game was released, and are constantly optimizing all aspects of the game and solving bugs, there are also some mistakes.

As the name suggests, Diablo 4 is the fourth work in Diablo series. The game plot has also improved a lot compared to before, which attracts players' attention very much. As the game progresses, players can acquire more powerful and advanced equipment and fight more challenging enemies, forming an overall core game loop, which can even bring players into the most difficult end game content.

This game loop has been further enhanced in Diablo 4, where players can team up to fight Helltides, Legion Events and World Bosses. In addition to equipment, players can also choose different classes with special skills according to their preferences, destroy enemies in the fastest time, and get Diablo 4 Gold.

While Diablo 4's combat is intuitive and easy for beginners to grasp, it really shines when players are able to maximize the combination of different Buffs and character effects and cause more damage. Buffs are effects that have been beneficial across countless versions of Diablo 4. Since these buffs may be temporary or permanent, the game needs to use different icons on the HUD to indicate the duration of Buff.

Players' Feedback

Some Diablo 4 players noticed issues with the game's delivery of important combat information and wanted a major change.

However, Diablo 4 often has a hard time using different icons to denote different Buffs, which was also pointed out by a player on Reddit called murderette. The player showed a screenshot of their HUD, where two buffs share the same skull icon, and the right buff shows a value to indicate the stacking effect.

Diablo 4 Reddit

Some players in the comments section of this thread pointed out that the system is poorly done, especially for APRGs as famous as Diablo. Also, a player noticed that Diablo 4's Necromancers had a hard time keeping track of all the Buffs, as the character relied heavily on using multiple Buffs at once. Other players have also pointed out that hovering over the buff icon does not unlock its functionality, which is an important feature in many other ARPGs.

Diablo 4 Views

Not surprisingly, most players were unhappy with such a poor UI design and hoped that the developers would address this issue in a future patch.

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Possibility In Future

Blizzard has not provided any latest news on this matter, but I believe the studio will insist on making positive changes based on players' feedback. As Diablo 4 enters its first post-launch season, I believe we should hold out hope for changes.


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