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Diablo 4: A Full Guide To Paragon Board System And Glyph Strategy!

Posted: Jul 14, 2023

Posted: Jul 14, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Here I will explain Paragon Board system in Diablo 4. It’s a new endgame system that lets you keep increasing your character’s power past level 50 when you stop earning skill points.

I’ll detail the structure of Paragon Board and give you some tips and tricks I learned on my way to level 100 in Sorcerer. But this guide applies to all classes.

Diablo 4: A Full Guide To Paragon Board System And Glyph Strategy

How To Earn Paragon Points?

First, let’s talk about what is Paragon Board. We can unlock Paragon Board after you reach level 50. You will get 4 Paragon Points for every level after that. You’ll notice this from the notches on the level bar. We can also earn Paragon Points by getting Renown on your map.

If you look at your zone progress, you can see that the last unlock is four Paragon Points, and also per zone. Your changes to Lilith will carry over to Season 1 as well. So make sure you complete these to get those four Paragon Points in total. If you complete all of them, you’ll earn 225 total points to reach the highest level in each class.

Diablo 4: How To Earn Paragon Points?

Anatomy Of Paragon Board - Nodes & Glyphs

At first, Paragon Board system seems a bit complicated. There are a lot of Boards you have to pick from Nodes and Glyphs, but I’ll break it down for you. Each Paragon Board has a different function.

First, we have normal nodes. These only add 5 points to each stat, including Intelligence, Strength, Willpower and Dexterity. These points are just for you to unlock your Glyphs via Paragon Board.

Then we got Magic Nodes. These will give you a slight damage boost. These Nodes will come in handy when you’re trying to unlock perks in Glyphs. So you need to make sure to hover over all these Nodes and inspect them.

We also get yellow rare Nodes. These will probably give you a +10 bonus to your stats. Then they have other bonuses like 20% non-physical damage from Elemental Balance Nodes. In addition, your primary stat being 10, you get another damage bonus or damage reduction.

Diablo 4: Anatomy Of Paragon Board - Nodes & Glyphs

However, for rare Nodes, you need to make sure to unlock additional rewards. We also get another 10% non-physical damage if we met the requirements.

The next part of Paragon Board is Legendary Nodes. These Nodes will have unique effects or bonuses depending on your different classes. So these will be very specific to your class, your abilities, the different builds you have. All you have to do is move through each Board as efficiently or inefficiently as you want.

The last piece of Paragon Board system is Glyphs. You’ll find these Glyphs when you play endgame events like Nightmare Dungeon and Tree of Whispers. They are different for each category, and there is some overlap, but there are still some subtle differences. You’ll need to insert these Glyphs into the slots on each Board.

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Tips For Paragon Board

Finally, let’s take a look at the tricks I learned with Paragon Board system. First, Glyphs you plug into each Board will have a minimum stat requirement to unlock secondary effects. So like we discussed, you need at least 25 Willpower to unlock the additional Diablo 4 Items bonus, a 30% potion healing.

Second, the dominant power of this Glyph may benefit from investing more Paragon Points in this stat. For example, you get another 8% boost for every 5 Willpower you invest.

Keep in mind that certain Glyphs will not benefit from additional stat Nodes. An example here is Tactician. It will give a 125% bonus to all rare Nodes in range. But you need 25 Dexterity to unlock additional rewards. For four seconds after casting Armor Class, you deal 10% increased damage. However, no further secondary effects will be added within this range.

Diablo 4: Tips For Paragon Board

Then comes secondary effects, which is also your last trick. Rare Nodes also have minimum stat requirements. As you browse, it actually shows you the requirements for each board. 

So before you spend Diablo 4 Gold to start the game, you can double check and make sure you meet all the requirements. But you really just need to see how many rare Nodes you need, and place those Boards at the beginning of your setup.

Anyway, that’s all the tips and tricks I learned about Paragon Board system on my way to level 100 in Sorcerer. Hope this guide helps you understand how to set up your Paragon Board and which Glyphs and Nodes to use to maximize your damage.


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