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Ciri Skin Will Not Be Available In The Witcher X Lost Ark Crossover

Posted: Jan 06, 2023

Some time ago, there was a lot of publicity announcing that The Witcher will appear in the form of a crossover in Lost Ark, which is now popular on Steam, later in January. It's actually not a surprise that The Witcher's expansive universe is coming to the fantasy MMO Lost Ark. Because The Witcher has become a staple of fantasy gaming since its last iteration released in 2015.

Lost Ark Ciri Skin

The crossover event will feature Geralt and Ciri skins. However, according to Lost Ark Roadmap 2023, we know that in April, the game will usher in the Specialist class by welcoming the Artist subclass.

In the event of the Korean version of Lost Ark, the younger version of the main character was made for Specialist classes, while Assassins could buy her adult version.

Lost Ark community manager Roxanne Sabo wrote: "I can reconfirm that co-op skins will not be available for the Artist, as the class will not appear in Lost Ark yet."

Some people have asked for a way to get Ciri skins before the Specialist class releases, such as pre-selling skins to get them later in the game. But their hopes were dashed.


Roxanne Sabo added: "Since the content including IP use/distribution etc. is part of our cooperation with another company, it is not something that we will be able to bring back in the future as currently planned." In short, these content It will be removed directly from the update of the Korean version of Lost Ark. Therefore these cooperative content will not be available in the Western version at all.

The Witcher crossover event went live on South Korean servers last November, meaning it only had a delay of about a month before coming to the West.

On the other hand, a video company that localizes and translates the vast world of Lost Ark is still blown away with content before catching up with the Korean version. Although the Artist subclass is scheduled for release in April, it was introduced in the initial release more than a year ago.

Complaints about the speed with which new content is introduced are common in the community. Over the past nearly a year, Lost Ark has welcomed numerous classes, more regions, and features from the Korean version. However, the release of new classes has slowed down, and the game hasn't caught up to the original.

The Witcher x Lost Ark event is scheduled to join the game later in January, but a specific start date has yet to be announced. If you want to have a better gaming experience when the event comes, it would be a good choice to prepare some Lost Ark Gold in advance.


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