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Animal Crossing: November Is Coming! What New Critters Will Appear?

Posted: Oct 30, 2020

November is coming, which means that there will be new fish, bugs, and sea creatures in Animal Crossing. One of the most noticeable is the return of pier fish, so players who are eager to catch these fish should pay attention. You can only catch these fish at the pier.

We have made a list of new critters that are about to arrive in the northern and southern hemispheres, with detailed information about these critters, including their selling prices, locations and shadow sizes. As usual, you can sell the critters you catch to C.J. or Flick.

In November, there will be spooky arrivals, so you need to carefully check the list below.

Northern Hemisphere


The most valuable fish is the pier fish. Although this is very exciting, don't forget to pay attention to other fish, don't miss them! The football fish sounds weird, you can also try to catch it.

Sea Creatures

In November, you will also find many crabs.

New Bugs

The tarantula is returning to the northern hemisphere, so players who are afraid of spiders need to watch out. If you can face them bravely and catch them, you will get rich rewards.

Southern Hemisphere


Like the northern hemisphere, the pier fish in the southern hemisphere have also returned. If you want to find fish of higher value elsewhere, I suggest you go to the river and take a look.

Sea Creatures

The Hard-to-catch but lucrative Gigas Giant Clam is also back, so players who want to catch them this time should not miss it.You can also donate one to Blather.

New Bugs

There are many bugs in the southern hemisphere, cause Southern Hemisphere is in summer. This is the royal, Egyptian theme, and of course, there are also high-value bugs!

Animal Crossing, which welcomes new critters every month, can make many players addicted to it, because it reflects reality to some extent. And, I bet that more and more people will participate in the game. For more news and guides, stay tuned to IGGM.

If you need to buy Animal Crossing Bells or other ACNH Items, you can also buy them on IGGM.


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