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ACNH: The Mushroom Season Is Coming! Here Are Tips for Picking Mushrooms

Posted: Nov 05, 2020

Attention! All Animal Crossing New Horizons players in the northern hemisphere, you may have to get busy again, because the mushroom season has arrived. Throughout November, 5 types of mushrooms will appear. Mushrooms differ in rarity, so there will be different spawning rates, depending on the star rating of your island.

You can use these mushrooms to get DIY items and use them to decorate your island. You can create 12 kinds of items with mushrooms. If you don't like some DIY items, you can sell mushrooms directly. A rare mushroom can be sold for 16,000 bells.

At least 8 of the DIY items are decorations or furniture, and the rest are wallpapers or flooring. If you happen to meet villagers who are crafting these items, you can get recipes from them. So in November, you need to visit your villagers as often as possible.

Once you have the recipes, you can craft the following items:


Mush Lamp: a skinny mushroom, 5 clay

Mush Table: 2 flat mushrooms, 6 wood

Mush Partition: put 3 skinny mushrooms together to make a fence

Mush Parasol: 3 flat mushrooms

Mush Log: 2 skinny mushrooms, a log stool

Mush Low Stool: 2 round mushrooms

Mush Umbrella: 3 flat mushrooms

Mushroom Wand: 3 skinny mushrooms, 3 star fragments

Indoor Decorations

Mushroom Wreath: 10 tree branches

1 round mushroom

1 skinny mushroom

1 flat mushroom

Mush Wall: 1 elegant mushroom

1 round mushroom

1 skinny mushroom

1 flat mushroom

Forest Wall: 2 elegant mushrooms

2 round mushrooms

2 skinny mushrooms

2 flat mushrooms

10 wood

Forest Flooring: 1 rare mushroom

2 round mushrooms

2 skinny mushrooms

2 flat mushrooms

10 weeds

Speaking of autumn, mushrooms are inevitably one of the items in the season. So Animal Crossing made a good combination with realistic factors, allowing you to have a more realistic gaming experience, so in the short November, decorate your island. Because once winter comes, maybe more new items will appear!

IGGM also looks forward to the arrival of winter. We don't know what kind of surprise ACNH will bring us when Christmas comes. Once the latest news is leaked, IGGM will update the news in time.

By the way, if you need cheap ACNH Bells, IGGM can also meet your needs, whether it is the currency in ACNH (ACNH Bells or ACNH Nook Miles Ticket) or ACNH Items, they can all be purchased on IGGM.

IGGM also provides many other game currencies, which means that we have a large customer base, so you don't have to doubt our website at all.

IGGM 100% guarantees the safety of all items for sale!


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