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A Video Company Is Censoring The Upcoming Artist Class In Lost Ark To Meet Western Norms

Posted: Dec 27, 2022

Posted: Dec 27, 2022

Source:  IGGM

One of the reasons why Korean MMO Lost Ark is so famous is that the female character designs and costumes are very attractive. While the Western version of the game has already been scrutinized by a video company, Lost Ark's sexy costumes and over-the-top animations are so much that Kotaku has expressed displeasure in early 2022. In response to this, Lost Ark also made timely adjustments. Not only did the development team make the preset faces of darker-skinned characters more prominent, but they also changed the skin tones of several NPCs.

Not long ago, Lost Ark announced the 2023 Roadmap – Part 1. We can know that in the first four months of 2023, Lost Ark will usher in many new things, such as The Witcher crossover event, Lost Ark's one year anniversary, the Rowen continent, Tulubik Battleground PvP, a Hard Mode version of Brelshaza, and the Hanumatan Guardian raid. In addition, the most important update is that in April 2023, the Artist Class will be introduced into the game. She is a new Specialist class category, and primarily supports allies with illusion, conjuration, and healing magic from her pen.

And just today, a video company officially announced that in order to better adapt the Artist class to Western norms, they will then review the new class and may lengthen the skirt or add shorts as they see fit. They also stated that although their goal is to keep the Korean version of Lost Ark as authentic as possible, they will still cooperate further with the developer of Lost Ark, Smilegate RPG, and make localization updates. This is also done in the hope that there might be some content in the original game that would be suitable for a western audience.

Artist Class

A video game hasn't said exactly how the Artist Class will make its way to the West. However, they stated that nothing will be changed as far as the gameplay aspect of the Artist Class is concerned. But the skinning aspect of the class could see some tweaks to better fit Western norms. Specifically, the skirt skin will add shorts under the skirt, and other skins will adjust the length of the pants or add tights.

However, in the Korean trailer, an outfit worn by the Artist Class appears to have shorts underneath the skirt. Some players even said that they can briefly see her underwear. When watching the videos of YouTubers such as ZealsAmbition, we actually observed the basic costumes of the Artist Class in the Korean version of Lost Ark. Her skirt appears to end just below the hips, in the upper third of her thighs. This also applies to outfits obtained through in-game purchases and the aforementioned Founders pack.

While the video company' censorship may still come as a surprise, it has to be said that after the censorship, the costumes in the Korean version of Lost Ark will still be relatively revealing. Especially during summer events like Waterpop Arena and Under the Arkesian Sun, players can even buy bikinis and Daisy Dukes for female characters, and swimming trunks and topless breasts for male characters.

However, since the Artist Class behaves a bit like a child, such as giggling, cheeky, and full of energy, the video copmany' focus may be on how players and journalists perceive the character's age.

Let us look forward to the arrival of the Artist Class. If you want to get the most out of her in battle, then using Lost Ark Gold to equip her with good gear and weapons would be a good choice.


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