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All Mokoko Seeds On Notos Island In Lost Ark

Posted: Oct 13, 2022

Posted: Oct 13, 2022

Source:  IGGM

Notos Island

Notos Island in Lost Ark is also known as Whale Island because of its shape resembling a whale tail. At the same time, players can improve fishing ability and obtain first-level fishing supplies on the island.

There are basically several Mokoko Seeds on each island on Lost Ark. Notos Island is no exception, and there are always three Mokoko Seeds. Most of these seeds are distributed outside the map, so it is very difficult for players to find all the seeds on the island. Today in this guide, I'm going to tell you the exact location of all the Mokoko Seeds on Lost Ark's Notos Island.

First we have to find Lost Ark's Notos Island. You can reach the island in two ways. The first is to sail towards the southwest of Anikka. The second is heading north of Tortoyk. Just reach the center of the Sea of Gienah and you will find the Notos Island.

The first Mokoko Seed is distributed between two fishing spots in the center of the island (actually closer to the left). This seed is very easy to find. As you approach the end of the dead end, you will notice some purple flowers on your left hand side. And the seed you're looking for is hidden inside.

However, since the second and third seeds are not on the map, they are not easy to find. You first go to the southeast side of the island and find a hidden opening hidden between the trees here. After you enter from this portal, you need to transfer your character to the north.

When you reach the end of the rough road on the edge of the island, you can find the rest two Mokoko Seeds. You have to get close to them and interact with them to get these seeds.

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