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WotLK Classic: Borrowed Power Will No Longer Be Used In Dragonflight

Posted: Nov 01, 2022

Borrowed power is one of the systems in World of Warcraft. The first to use this system is Legion expansion.
Since a series of spells, passives, and unique items in this system can only be related to the expansion to which they belong, these items will also only work in a single expansion.
For example, Legion expansion brings players two separate Legendary weapons, Artefact Weapons and Artefact Power. Battle for Azeroth brings players Azerite Armor and Corrupted gear. And Shadowlands brings players unique covenant abilities, and conduits.
The system's designers, Blizzard Entertainment, were very confident about the system at first. They believe that adding new spells and passives will not only make up for the deficiencies of related professions, but actually better help players control their professions and the direction of their professional development.

However, the facts are quite different. Once borrowed power was used, it caused dissatisfaction among players. Complain about the system on Blizzard's official forums and Reddit is also non-stop.

Azerite Armor

According to the collective reaction of the players, they actually know that they hate borrowed power. So back in April when Blizzard announced the upcoming Dragonflight expansion, they had a problem. That is, will the system continue to be used in the new expansion?
To the excitement of players, Blizzard listened carefully to their feedback. They made it clear that Dragonflight would no longer use borrowed power. And also revealed good news that the developers are revamping the talent system by re-introducing the talent tree.

In an interview with Hazelnuttygames, The game director of World of Warcraft, Ion Hazzikostas also detailed the reasons for not continuing to use borrowed power in the new expansion. The following is a brief summary of his original words.

He said the main reason is that, as game developers, respecting player feedback is very important to them. Another reason is that references to borrowed power systems have both advantages and disadvantages. The upside is that the system will always bring players unique and very powerful items like the Artefact Weapons in the Legion expansion. The downside is that the limitations of the system itself limit them as well. It takes a lot of their energy just to design these unique items, and it's even more difficult to advance new things.

If you are one of those who hate borrowed power, will you be excited when you see this news in front of the screen? If you are also satisfied with this article, you may wish to take a look at our web, There, you can not only view guides and real-time information of various games for free, but also buy cheap WOTLK Classic Gold. If you happen to have such needs, go to IGGM!


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