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New Achievements And Pet Rewards In WotLK Classic Dragonflight Expansion

Posted: Nov 01, 2022

The long-awaited pre-patch for WoW Dragonflight is finally here for players. This is great news for players who enjoy collecting the various available battle pets and mounts on Azeroth. Because, this new expansion will introduce new achievements and rewards.

Through the official post, we can learn that in the WoW Dragonflight pre-patch, if players can unlock all specific achievements, they can get four new pets corresponding to the achievements. The following are the announced achievements and the corresponding pet rewards:

Achievement 1: Many More Mini Minions. If you collect 1,250 unique pets, the pet reward you can get is Crystalline Mini-Monster.

Achievement 2: Proven Pet Parent. If you collect 1,500 unique pets, the pet reward you can get is the Secretive Frogduck.

Achievement 3: What Can I Say? They Love Me. If you collect 1,750 unique mounts, your pet reward is Violet Violence.

Achievement 4: Good Things Come in Small Packages. If you collect 2,000 unique mounts, the pet reward you can get is Mister Muskoxeles.

Pet Rewards

Among the above four pet rewards, the most eye-catching are the Secretive Frogduck and Mister Muskoxeles. The first I want to introduce is Frogduck. Although this beast has the body of a frog with a cute duck beak, it doesn't look inconsistent at all. Instead, it's more of a perfect mash-up of duck and frog. Frogduck fits right in with the duck theme since the developers introduced tameable ducklings just for the hunter spec in Dragonflight.

Mister Muskoxeles has a cute pair of tiny horns. Also because of its unique appearance, many players can't wait to experience it. However, it's also one of the hardest pet rewards to get in the Dragonflight expansion. Players must collect 2000 unique mounts to get it.

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