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How To Expel Unwanted Villagers From Animal Crossing New Horizons?

Posted: Jun 04, 2020

As you all know, you can invite other villagers to your island in Animal Crossing New Horizons, but because the land is limited, it can only accommodate up to ten, so you may occasionally expel some useless villagers to make more space.

A common way to get a villager to leave from your island is to invite a new one by using Amibo card or chatting, and then a random resident will be evicted, but because this is uncertain, it is also possible that some of the villagers you want to leave, while the one you don't need stayed.

Surely, the method to appoint a village to leave is what you need most. Usually if there are villagers on your island with thought bubble over their heads, it means that they have something to say, your task is to talk to them, encourage the villagers you want to stay, and let the ones you unwanted to leave.

Never try to violently expel a village, in Animal Crossing New Horizons, bullying is defined as hitting villagers with nets three consecutive times, so you'll be hated by all villagers.

Beyond that, you could use time travel to manually adjust the date and time on your Nintendo Switch console to move forward or backward in time throughout the game and evict anyone you don't like.

Simply put, you can change the in-game time through time travel after talking with the villagers who had a thought bubbles on its head, putting 30 days forward to imply moving out.

All in all, you can expel any village from your island in Animal Crossing, but you need some waiting time to meet new ones.

Villagers' visit can bring you gifts, in the game, if you want to get more, please feel free to access to Animal Crossing Bells page to buy quickly, which is placed in a shop, to provide consumers with cheap in-MMORPG virtual currency and equipment anytime, anywhere.

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