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How To Distinguish Between Genuine And Fake In Animal Crossing New Horizons?

Posted: May 21, 2020

In the last article of the "News" on, we mentioned that Jolly Redd is the only art dealer on the island, so he often mixes some fakes with the real ones, and then sells them to obtain huge profits. In order to prevent from being cheated again, here is a guide for you about how to distinguish between genuine and fake.You need the artworks purchased from Redd to fill up your art gallery, there are four different ones on his boat, as well as two pieces of regular furniture, you could only one of these four, and only the genuine artworks can be donated to the museum.

While visiting the boat of Redd, you need to notice any telltale sign to judge whether it is genuine, Redd would falsify every aspect of an artwork, such as name, color, lighting, you need to look for any differences carefully, once you buy a fake one, you'll not be able to buy the second one, and you can do nothing but keep it for yourself, as Redd has a strict "no refunds policy" throughout the market.

However, the fakes are not useless, if you think the painting or sculptures you bought are good-looking, you could display them on your own island and invite the visitors to enjoy them together.

Redd is indeed not an honest businessman, but many players are still expecting him to bring some gifts, even just some candies. In order to meet him, you must donate at least 60 items to the Museum including the 5 to Tom Nook and 15 to Blathers in his tent, and Redd would appear off the coast of your island the next day.

Surely, you definitely need Animal Crossing Bells when you shop, Redd is not a kind merchant, so its goods are not cheap. With this in mind, you need enough inventory to meet your needs, which can be purchased from the marketplaces outside the game. Recommended by many gaming lovers, IGGM is a store that can be considered for trading, which is honest and never sell any fake to you like Redd.

Now, you can still enjoy special offers from shopping from the site, and it is best that you use a small amount as your first attempt, it will definitely satisfy you.


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