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Final Fantasy XIV Little Ladies' Day Brings Joy To Ladies Everywhere

Posted: Mar 03, 2020

Women's Day is approaching, Final Fantasy XIV started the annual event themed after the Japanese festivity of the Hinamatsuri, Little Ladies' Day. The event is set to last from March 2 to March 16 at 7:59 am PDT.

As before, the event is still held in Eorzea, where its three city-states and the residential districts are decorated for it. All the players who are above level 15 are required to join the Royal Seneschal's quest to see than no young woman goes without a smile on her face.

On the day the event ends, the participants will be awarded with a corsage called Princess's Patch, and a monocle, a stage and a banner for their house.

Judging from these rewards, peaches and pink peach flowers are important elements of Little Ladies' Day, because March is the month when Japanese peach trees bloom, which adds more romantic color to the event.

For Eorzea, the return of Little Ladies' Day symbolizes the arrival of spring, this is a fairly warm season, and various flowers are blooming. On that day, all young ladies are treated as princesses, so they are more excited and expected the event than men.

As ever, the event time is limited, any quest completed one the event has concluded will not get any reward, if you are looking to participate, be sure to complete your quests before March 16.

Hopefully, all ladies will be treated kindly and friendly on Women's Day, and Final Fantasy XIV wants to bring joy to young ladies through the event every year.

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