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Animal Crossing New Horizons, What Should Nook Miles Be Spent On?

Posted: Jun 15, 2020

As we all know, every 2000 Nook Miles can exchange for a Nook Miles Ticket to access the Mystery Island in Animal Crossing New Horizons, and which allows players to receive more Animal Crossing Bells.

Unlike ACNH bells, Nook Miles can only be obtained through certain tasks, so you need to spend limited miles on meaningful things to maximize its effect.

The tasks to get Nook Miles are divided into two types, simple and difficult. Some easy ones can only gather up small amount of miles, and completing difficult tasks must require patience and commitment.

In order to receive miles as much as possible, you should complete some difficult tasks across all tiers of completion, including Fruit Roots, Caster Master, Greedy Weeder, DIY Furniture, Island Ichthyologist, etc, but the most important is how you spend these miles.

Most players have to convert miles into bells, so it is necessary to use 500 miles to buy a bell Voucher, where 500 miles can convert directly 3,000 bells, a small expenditure. With it, the number of your Animal Crossing Bells will increase rapidly.

The original role of Nook Miles is to exchange tickets and visit the mystery island, this is an unmissable opportunity to gather up a variety of natural resources on the island, catching rare fish/ bugs, or recruiting new villagers to your own island.

It is worth to buy a street lamp with 1,000 Nook Miles to decorate your island, especially at night, the nice-looking light source it creates will definitely attract more people to your island, but it is only used for decoration to make the island more charming.

In short, Nook Miles has many uses, from buying small item to expanding the house, and the purpose of spending is to use more of the items used to create additional profits.

In animal crossing new horizons, there are various ways to obtain virtual currency, because it is not a game that is required to achieve the goal. If you just want to seek out fun in the game, you don't even need to farm any bell in person.

You can purchase any number of Nook Miles Tickets at, as well as Animal Crossing Bells when needed. It is a special in-MMORPG store that can provide every consumer with what they need.

Don't worry about it being expensive or insecure, as a professional store, it will fully consider the rights and interests of consumers, creating a reasonable trading method. You are welcome to visit the store in person before trading, preventing yourself from being deceived.


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