Animal Crossing New Horizons Guide: Get More Nook Miles Tickets To Access To Mystery Islands
Animal Crossing New Horizons Guide: Get More Nook Miles Tickets To Access To Mystery Islands

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, Nook Miles Ticket is also an available virtual currency with a smaller way to obtain, from the Nook Stop for 2,000 Miles. While it is the only tool to access to Mystery Island, where the players could gather up excellent sources, new unique flora, and gain opportunities to make more Animal Crossing Bells.

In order to get Nook Miles, the best method is to complete the related challenges like catching bugs or fishing.

As in the game, no one will require you to complete tasks with any goal. Every day, you can finish certain challenges at will without any restriction, and then farm miles. All work is related to agriculture, such as planting flowers, weeding and even just chatting with villagers on Mystery Islands. Also, it's worth noting that the first five tasks you complete can farm the most miles, so you do not need to complete more than five each day.

One Nook Miles Ticket can be redeemed for 2,000 Miles, but you don't allow to visit the Mystery Island until you repay the house loan, and Tom Nook will also give you initial moving fees for 5,000 Miles.

In addition to catching multiple bugs and fishing, there are also many tasks to earn Miles including spending bells on the islands, selling Animal Crossing items, making DIY recipes, and so on, each of which can be rewarded with 100-200 Nook Miles.

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