Animal Crossing New Horizons Bug-Off Event Info: Schedule, Rules And Rewards
Animal Crossing New Horizons Bug-Off Event Info: Schedule, Rules And Rewards

While playing Animal Crossing New Horizons, you must have encountered a group of cute little creatures on random islands, where you could plant trees, catch bugs and chat with villagers.

At present, you are invited to participate in the Bug-Off tournaments every fourth Saturday, and there are different schedules in the Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere.

Northern Hemisphere
June 27
July 25
August 29
September 26
Southern Hemisphere
November 21
December 19
January 23
February 20
During the Bug-Off event, you should compete to catch as many bugs as possible in minutes from 6 am to 9 pm, and your first entry is free, and after that it costs 500 Animal Crossing Bells without times limited.

Each bug you catch is worth 1 point, and every third bug is worth 2 bonus points, which can be exchanged from Flick for rewards with 10 points and they will be doled out at random including:

Artisanal Bug Cage
Butterfly Backpack
Bug Aloha Shirt
Bug Cage
Bug Wand
Butterfly Wall
Ladybug Rug
Ladybug Umbrella
Spider Doorplate
Termite Mound
Toy Centipede
Toy Cockroach

Also, every 100 points can be redeemed Bronze Trophy, 200 points for Silver Trophy and 300 for Gold Trophy.

If you happen to be free, you could visit Flick and catch bugs, even you can invite your friends to help you get more and redeem rewards.

When you are busy completing the bug-off event, you'll have less time to make money. You are allowed to enter the competition as many times as you like throughout the day, but every three minutes, you need to pay 500 bells as a ticket.

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