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Animal Crossing Brings May Frogs To Catch

Posted: May 07, 2020

Posted: May 07, 2020

Source:  IGGM

In the May Animal Crossing, it will bring some new bugs and fish as usual, such as the pond-dwelling frog, but this time it happens to be a villager type, surely you are curious about what will happen to them, right?

New Horizons fans like to mess with their villagers on their islands, frogs are no exception, but the villagers' reaction to the frog is unexpected. The villages of Animal Crossing have begun to accept frogs as pets, and next their task is to catch the frogs.

The frogs appear from May to August, and now it is the best time to find them in ponds, they are useless in rivers or oceans. In order to catch a frog, you need a flimsy fishing rod with bait and go at any time, as the frogs are available all day.

Once you get a frog in your hands, you can sell it to others, Nook's Cranny would buy it with 120 Animal Crossing Bells, and C.J. buys with 144 bells who would not always appear on your island.

Or, you can donate the frog to the museum and turn it into Blather to add it to your collection, which could make the extra money for you.

When the summer passes, frogs will disappear from your islands, they are common although. There are many seasonal creatures in Animal Crossing New Horizons, you need to grasp the time when they appear and disappear to catch them at the right time.

Many people like to play the game because it does not bring too much pressure, more is some daily work and entertainment.

As we mentioned above, ACNH Bells play a huge role in Animal Crossing, when you are empty-handed, you can hardly make huge progress to pay off loans, buy furniture and decorate the island, so buy Animal Crossing Bells to avoid duplication of labor is nice knowing that you are not willing to always do the same work, although this will temporarily affect the economic balance in the game.

While purchasing bells, is a top online store to meet your needs, it has worked for many years and accumulated reliable suppliers and sufficient inventory, so you don' need to wait too much for trading with it. More importantly, its price is never higher than the market price, so you can save a lot while playing. You are suggested to visit the store and create a perfect shopping experience here.


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