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You Can Play ESO For Free Until August 30!

Posted: Aug 19, 2021

ZeniMax Online Studios postponed the ESO console version Update 31 and Waking Flame DLC for one week and will be released on September 8. The release date of PC, Mac, and Stadia has not changed, and it will still land on August 23.

ZeniMax posted this news on their website. The reason for the postponement was because they wanted to reduce the pressure on the team and ensure that the build is as stable as possible. According to ZOS, delaying the release date by one week will give them more time to better focus on each individual release.

In addition, ESO not only released news to make players happy but also released news for those interested in this game, that is, Elder Scrolls Online will be free to play for a limited time.

QuakeCon usually brings great discounts, but this time it also creates a free event for ESO. This popular game allows new players to try all the content it offers for free, but the duration of the event is limited as the free play will end on August 30.

If you are interested in ESO, but are not sure whether it is worth your money, then you have enough time to try this game now, because two weeks should be enough for you to decide whether this game is right for you.

It requires huge downloads and will eventually take up about 100GB of your disk space. Another thing to note is that after the free period ends, ESO will ask you to buy the basic game, multiple expansions, and provide subscription discounts and micro-transactions on this basis. If all goes well, go to the ESO Steam page and click the Play Game button to start downloading, allowing you to enjoy the various areas of Tamriel.

ESO is definitely a game worth trying. If you are interested in it, you can browse the relevant news on IGGM. We have updated relevant information and game instructions before.

If you are already a loyal player of ESO, then you will not be unfamiliar with IGGM, because from time to time you will need ESO Gold. IGGM is very popular as a legit seller of cheap ESO Gold and has served a lot of players, they all left feedback featuring almost all praises.


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