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ESO: Waking Flame Trailer Shows Footage Of New Dungeons

Posted: Aug 23, 2021

ESO fans will be busy again. ZeniMax Online Studios has released a new trailer showing the footage of the new dungeons, which is Waking Flames and will be part of the Gates of Oblivion released earlier this year.

Gates of Oblivion started in Flames of Ambition DLC in March, and continues the Blackwood chapter. The former adds some dungeons to the game, and the latter is a brand new expansion. Blackwood also introduced a new companion system that allows you to recruit NPC allies to travel and fight with them, which is also one of the aspects that attract players.

The Waking Flame DLC will continue to evolve from Blackwood and will lead players closer to the ending of Gates of Oblivion in ESO's next story-driven DLC. The trailer states that the Order of the Waking Flame, a cult dedicated to the Daedric Prince Mehrunes Dagon, is looking for dangerous relics in the past, and wants to expose his conspiracy. This only depends on the player’s efforts.

Since the DLC is mainly composed of two new dungeons, the trailer focuses on showing enemy encounters and boss battles. The two new dungeons are The Dread and Red Patel Bastion, they can be reached by Blackwood and Glenumbra respectively.

The Dread Cellar is a prison that contains the darkest secrets of the Empire. And Red Patel Bastion is a fortress where you can discover the truth about the fall of a once noble order of knights. Both 4-player dungeons have added some unique sets to ESO, providing stat bonuses and special buffs. For example, when all the Thunder Caller Sets are equipped, the enemy will be hit as soon as lightning strikes.

The dungeon encounters presented in the trailer look very exciting, and the Waking Flame DLC also continues the tradition of stably releasing content every year. Deadlands will also be released in Q4 2021 for players that mainly play ESO for its narrative and quests.

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