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Wrath of the Lich King Classic: Invincible Kite Class in PVP

Posted: Sep 01, 2022

The pre patch of WOTLK Classic has been released for a while, for the players who are addicted to PVP, Beast Mastery Hunter is a very good spec you should not missed obviously.

Beast Mastery Hunter with normal talents without Readiness, what makes beast mastery hunter a lot easier than other 200 talents is sorts of a damage, this is the only hunt specs that relies on pet, and the damage from the pet could be incredibly more than your weapons and abilities, you can send your pet straight to the enemy and start running to poke around with your range advance.

One of the best parts of this spec is that you can tame some powerful pets that are unavailable for other two specs. First one is Chimera, when you against melee classes in world PVP, the permanent slow could help you kite your enemies, you can keep yourself out of enemy range and deal some awesome damage with pets. Other one is Core Hound that uses Lava Breath and reduce caster casting speed by 25%.

These two pets allow you to face melee enemies without problem, but this isn't the best thing about this spec, there are Bestial Wrath and the Beast Within which make a huge difference from lower to mid skill fights, in fact this spell enrages you and gives your pet 60% to 70% bonus damage, on top of that both you and your pet becomes indestructible and immune to stun fear, horror, sleep, slow, polymorph and all other effects for 10 next seconds. For that time you can almost destroy enemies with just that button especially casters, which in most cases don't know how to deal with it. However, this is not a single button spec like combat rope, but mechanically pressing one button to increase your damage of your pet, and to make you immune to all magic effects the same time is enough for beating a random people in the world. So I don't think it's overpowered in dueling because on high skill cap it is possible to counter it in different ways, but if something is easy and effective to play that must be a beast mastery hunter.

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