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WoW Dragonflight Patch 10.1.5: Dawn Of The Infinites Boss Guide

Posted: Jul 25, 2023

This is a guide to the boss fights in the Dawn of the Infinites Mega Dungeon, new to WoW in patch 10.1.5

This is an eight boss experience, it’s available on Mythic 0 only right now. So, you need to put together a group. It drops 437 Hero-track loot and aspect crests fragments. 

WoW Dragonflight Patch 10.1.5: Dawn Of The Infinites Boss Guide


Our first boss is Chronikar. You want to spread and move out with Sand Stomp to drop puddles out of the way. 

Tanks need to mitigate the Chronoshear hit. They’ll be left with a debuff and a healing absorb. Healers can heal off that absorb and then dispel the debuff as soon as possible. 

And at full energy, Chronikar will leap several times towards players. Avoid the initial impact, dodge the orbs and somebody stands in the single soak that’s left behind after each leap. 

WoW 10.1.5 Dragonflight Chronikar

Manifested Timeways 

Our next boss is the Manifested Timeways

This fight features rotating pizza slices. Standing in the light slice hurts a little and gives you movement speed. The dark one hurts a little less and reduces your damage taken. The tank should mostly stick to the dark slice. 

The boss aims a cone attack called Unwind at the tank. That hits twice, and if the tank is in the dark slice, the second hit is delayed. Tanks can aim that away from friends, keep to the dark wedge and move out before the second hit. The tank is also probably rotating around the boss to stay in their dark wedge, so it can be helpful to put a marker on their head so everybody else can watch out for them and try not to be behind them for that cone. 

Fragments of Time orbs fly out from the boss for you to dodge. They move slowly across the dark wedge and fast across the light ones. The borders between the dark and the light wedge make gaps in the orbs, so watch the edge of your wedge and use the gap to pass through. It’s easier if you’re not super close to the boss and this boss has a massive hitbox, so even the melee can be standing a fair way out. 

Chrono-faded debuffs two players. Those people need to be in a light wedge when that expires or is dispelled. If they’re not, it makes this big slow ring that you have to muscle through and that hurts more. Get into the light when you have the debuff. 

WoW Dragonflight 10.1.5 Manifested Timeways

Blight Of Galakrond 

Boss number three is the Blight of Galakrond

This boss can be best described as a hot potato. Corrosive Infusion spits swirls to dodge and puts the Corrosion debuff on a player. This is our hot potato. 

You must pass it around by running into each other to reset the timer and prevent it from falling off. There is no harm in passing it and two players can just trade it back and forth. If a player holds it for too long and it falls off, though, they are mind controlled for 20 seconds. So, pass the potato. 

Blight Reclamation is a frontal cone aimed at the tank. It does physical damage and removes Corrosion. It eats the potato. Make sure the tank has Corrosion before the cone, then mitigate the hit and no more debuff for a bit. The boss oozes puddles, tanks and melee. Be careful of that. 

At 80%, the blight transfers to Ahzon. It does the same mechanics as before, and will now do Necrotic Winds. Watch the tornadoes and get out of the way. 

At 50% health, it splits into two. These two bosses copy damage to each other, so cleave your heart out. No more necrotic winds, but the new dragons have their own mechanics. 

Loszkeleth will root a player wiht Necrofrost, DPS swap to and kill those chains. Dahzak’s Incinerating Blightbreath is a frontal cone. Watch out for that. 

Finish these guys up and it’s time for the final boss of the first half. 

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Iridikron is our first half finale. 

Chromie helps us out with this one. Extinction Blast will target a player with a huge AOE. They need to stack on Chromie in her bubble. Everyone else gets out of the way. Don’t panic if you get Extinction Blast and Chromie is super far, she will port to be closer to you. 

Following that, we get a pair of soaks near Chromie. The tank needs to take this smaller one in front, while the rest of the party stacks with chromie. The healer can keep an eye on Chromie’s health and toss her some heals if she’s getting low. If you are all soaked with her, she should be alright. 

Make sure you don’t move out too early. Wait for Stonecracker Barrage to finish. You get a haste buff after this. So, get some good boss damage in. 

Earthsurge puts a big absorb shield on the boss and fires out lines of earth spikes to dodge. Avoid the spikes and DPS off the shield to make it stop. 

Pulverizing Exhalation is a big cone attack that puts rings on everyone. After a few seconds, each player spawns a caster add. You want to all move out of the cone, preferably in the same direction, then loosely group to spawn your adds together without stacking the rings. Interrupt and kill the adds. You’ll also get some WoW Dragonflight Gold along the way.

When he reaches full energy, which should be at 90% health, Iridikron begins casting Cataclysmic Obliteration. Stack with Chromie and use any cooldowns left to damage him, which reduces his energy bar.

If you bring it to 0 before the cast finishes, you win! If you don’t make it in time, you wipe. 

WoW Dragonflight 10.1.5 Iridikron

Tyr, The Infinite Keeper 

Our second half begins with Tyr, the Infinite Keeper

Most of his attacks drop puddles, so this one is about aiming those wisely. Try to keep the middle of the room clear. 

Spark of Tyr puts out a pair of DoTs that explode when they expire. Healers can dispel one and heal through the other, so they don’t both pop at once. 

Dividing Strike is a soak mechanic at the bosses’ feet that will drop a puddle. Get people into that to help soak. Minimum 2 with big defensives, preferably more like 4 or 5. 

Infinite Annihilation aims a cone attack at a random player. That leaves behind more gold puddle, so try to bait that away from the middle. Also, definitely dodge it. 

Titanic Blow aims a cone attack at his tank, knocking them back and leaving behind more gold puddle. Tanks need to mitigate and point that carefully. Don’t get knocked off. Don’t hit your friends and try not to point it towards the middle of the room, either. 

When he’s out of energy, Tyr will Siphon the Oathstone. You all need to run around and intercept these gold orbs. They give you delicious haste and it’s bad if they make it to the middle. So, try not to miss any. 

After that, it’s rinse and repeat. 

WoW Dragonflight 10.1.5 Tyr, The Infinite Keeper

The Runny Dodgy Thing 

Once Tyr is down, you need to get past this bullet hell gauntlet. 

The bad news is that it’s awful. The good news is only one of you needs to get by it. Once through, the mega gamer can open a portal to let their friends skip it. I have never successfully done this myself, but I’ve heard it helps to bait attacks before you go. Be patient and stick to a side edge. Good luck!


Next, there’s no more avoiding it. It’s Morchie time. 

Sand Blast is a physical line attack she aims at her tank, mitigate and point that away from people. 

More Problems splits the boss into many Morchies. You need to find the real one and stand to the side of her to avoid her cone attack. The real morchie will look like this, and the others will have various costumes and hats. 

Time Traps spawn traps on the ground. Do not touch these.

Familiar Faces summons an add for each player that will fixate them. You must CC or kite your add into a Time Trap to prevent it from murdering you. Traps are consumed when used, so spread out and get your own trap. 

You get some time before your add starts to chase you, so set yourself up sahead of time so that your add runs straight into a trap. Trapping an add does raid damage so ideally, stagger that out by slowing or CCing a few adds. This is easier said than done, but it will help. 

The rude thing about this fight right now is sometimes there just aren’t traps yet and you have to CC or kite until she spawns more. She will reactivate your adds throughout the fight and each time it will start from where you left it. So, look at where your add is and plan your next kite. 

WoW Dragonflight 10.1.5 Morchie

Time Lost Battlefield 

Once you’ve taken down Morchie, it’s time for the Time Lost Battlefield. This fight has flavors for Horde and Alliance, but the mechanics do the same things. 

Your boss will be either Grommash or Lothar based on your faction. He will Decapitate his tank, doing a big hit and leaving a nasty healing reduction debuff. Tanks should use mitigation to hold on and healers can top them back up after the mortal strike ends. He’ll charge up a series of frontal cones, sidestep out of those. 

Occasionally, the boss will leap to a player and chase them with a bladestorm. Run away and try not to mow down your friends. Adds will spawn, round them up and kill them as soon as possible. 

The Axe Throwers or Archers put out painful bleeds, so I like to focus on those first. The casters do a dispellable DoT and set down AOEs. Those are good second priority and the melee are just melee. 

This fight has a pretty high amount of unavoidable group damage. So, try to make things easier on your healer by staying somewhat nearby and using your defensives and health pot as needed. If you didn’t bring health pots, you should definitely bring health pots. Keybind them. They’ll save your life.

Chrono Lord Deios 

Finally, we come to the last fight of the dungeon. We fight Chrono Lord Deios in two phases. 

During the entire fight, pairs of falling Infinity Orbs will spawn. These have wiped me more than anything else. When thye hit the ground, they do group damage and leave a groupwide debuff. Standing underneath one will make it fall more slowly. You need a player to stand in one of them to keep it in the air until the other one falls and the resulting debuff expires off of the group. 

If you still have this debuff when the second orb hits the ground, it’s kablooey. You can assign one player to always be the orb stander or work out in voice chat who’s in each round. 

Temporal Breath is a frontal cone aimed at the tank, point that away from people. 

WoW Dragonflight 10.1.5 Chrono Lord Deios

Infinite Keeper adds will spawn and try to open portals. They spam Infinite Blast and put out Chronal Burn DoTs, which you can dispel. 

The Time Displaced Trooper adds they summon in need to be rounded up and cleaved down. 

Killing a Keeper does 20% of the boss’ health, and when he gets to 20, we move into phase two. 

Falling orbs and frontal cones continue. This phase features big raid damage and lots of swirls to dodge, dropping sand puddles beneath players. Watch your feet and keep moving the boss to clear space as you finish the fight. 

At 8% health, the proto-aspects will all pitch in to help you defeat Deios. And those are the bosses in Dawn of the Infinites!


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