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WoW Dragonflight Season 2: A Complete Guide On Uldaman Legacy Of Tyr Dungeon - Most Important Mechanics To Watch Out!

Posted: Jul 14, 2023

The Dragonflight version of Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr is now part of the Season 2 Mythic+ pool. So, here, I will go over the most important mechanics to watch out for in this dungeon!

Dungeon Start

At the beginning, you have to deal with the Geomancers Chain Lightning. Make sure you assign an interrupt for that ability to avoid group damage.

Additionally, the Berserkers cast an enrage, buffing every mob around them with 20% damage done and damage taken. You can make use of the extra damage taken, but be careful and don’t pull too much to not get overwhelmed by the extra incoming damage!

There are also a lot of Basilisks in this area. They cast Spiked Carapace, buffing themselves with a reflective damage magic buff. You can either interrupt their cast or dispel the buff afterwards with an offensive purge.

WoW Dragonflight Season 2: A Complete Guide On Uldaman Legacy Of Tyr Dungeon - Most Important Mechanics To Watch Out!

The Lost Dwarves

The first boss you will encounter are the Lost Dwarves, Olaf, Baelog and Eric.

During this encounter, you have to dodge a lot of ground effects and sometimes a random player gets targeted by Ricocheting Shield. Run away from the group and save a defensive cooldown for it if it’s possible!

Once in a while, Olaf will start channeling Defensive Bulwark. Interrupt this cast to prevent the 75% damage reduction on the dwarves. If any of the dwarves reaches full energy or drops low health, they will jump onto the Longboat and fire Searing Cannonfire at players locations.

To avoid filling the room with fire early, you can stack up your group to reduce the area of denial.

WoW Dragonflight The Lost Dwarves


Once you defeat the Dwarves, you can make your way to Bromach. You can also decide to fight Bromach first and do the Dwarves second if that works out better for your group.

Bromach spawns adds throughout the boss fight. Every wave has 1 Geomancer and 3 ambushers. The geomancer is a caster and has to be interrupted and the Ambushers are melee mobs and shouldn’t cause too much trouble.

The boss will then spawn a Quaking Totem, pulsing AoE damage on the group until defeated.

Additionally, the totem will also stun all the adds as well as the boss if they are inside the circle indicator when the totem gets destroyed.

Mainly focus the boss here, but instantly switch to the totems as soon as they spawn and finish off the adds as they get stunned by the totem and take 200% increased damage.

After defeating Bromach, you can make your way to the 3rd boss. You will encounter some enemies on the way that are most dangerous to your tank.

The custodians get a stacking damage increase and apply a bleed effect to their aggro target. So, be prepared for some heavy tank damage!

WoW Dragonflight Bromach

Sentinel Talondras

Up next is Sentinel Talondras.

The most important ability in this fight is her Ancient Dynamo. She will buff herself with 2 stacks of Inexorable, stunning her while she has the buff will not CC her but instead, remove one of the stacks.

Later on, she will cast Titanic Empowerment, a big enrage buff and you will have to stun her to prevent the ability from going off.

To do this, you have to stun her twice to remove her Inexorable stacks first and then stun her a 3rd time during the TItanic Empowerment cast.

You can use the 3 Resonating Orbs that spawn on 2 players and on 1 random location close to the boss to stun her. If the orbs got dropped in a bad location or a player accidentally walks into an orb, then you can use a player’s stun instead if you have specced into it!

But keep in mind that she also buffs herself with a 10% damage increase each time she successfully gets stunned. So, only stun her if necessary to interrupt the Titanic Empowerment.

WoW Dragonflight Sentinel Talondras


Once you defeat Talondras, you can move on towards Emberon, the 4th boss of the dungeon.

On your way there, you have to watch out for the Earthen Weavers casting Hail of Stone, which is a channeled AoE dmg ability similar to fan of knives and it can only be disrupted.

Additionally, Earthen Warders will attempt to apply a Curse of Stone on a random player. If not interrupted or dispelled, it will eventually stun the player and spawn a swirly underneath them, making it undodgeable and possibly lethal.

Healers have to watch out for Runic Protectors, because they cast a group wide AoE, which can’t be interrupted.

As well as fissuring slam, doing damage, and spawning puddles beneath every player.

Entering a cave, you will see Skittering Crawlers leaping on random players while the Cavern Seekers cast Sonic Burst. This should be interrupted as it does AoE damage and also interrupts spellcasts close to the bats.

WoW Dragonflight Emberon

Once you have cleared your way through the cave, you will enter a circular room with Stone Golems on the side and Emberon in the middle.

At the start of the fight, he will activate some golems and they will continuously shoot fire orbs towards players, so keep dodging them!

Emberon will also put fire circles on each player, dealing damage and forcing you to spread out. Using defensive CDs for this ability would be a good idea!

At maximum energy, the boss will become immune, move into the middle and cut the room in half with a fire beam. To end the phase, you will have to defeat all the activated golems that are now attackable.

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Once the golems are finished off, you can go back to attacking the boss and end the encounter.

Next up are a few enemies you’ve fought before and in addition, you should watch out for the Earthen Guardians Blessing of Tyr. They create a big bubble buffing enemies inside it. Your tank should try to kite mobs out of the bubble immediately because it can not be interrupted. The Ebonstone Golems are important for your healer again, because they cast Thunderous Clap, dealing AoE damage to the group.

And lastly, there are Infinite Timereavers applying Stolen Time to players and themselves. On the players, it will reduce their haste, stacking up periodically, while the Timereavers gain Haste.

The debuff is a magic effect and can be dispelled. But the only way to prevent the enemies from applying the stacks is stunning them. During a stun, they will not refresh the debuff, so you can potentially reset the stacks with a well timed stun.

Chrono-Lord Deios

The last boss of the dungeon is Chrono-Lord Deios.

There is a lot of group damage during this encounter. Time Sink is a magic debuff being applied to random players doing ticking damage and Wing Buffet is AoE damage and a knockback.

Periodically, the boss will spawn Temporal Zones on the ground. If you stand in them during his normal phase, you will get a 30% haste reduction. But if you stand in the Temporal Zones during Rewind Timeflow, you gain a 50% haste buff, so make sure to use them!

WoW Dragonflight Chrono-Lord Deios

You don’t take any damage from standing in the zones, so don’t worry about that. But the boss does group wide AoE damage while channeling the rewind.

You can choose to save your offensive CDs for the first rewind to stack the haste buff with any other cooldowns you have to potentially increase your damage by a lot!

After the rewind, the boss goes back to the normal phase and repeats this cycle throughout the fight.

Once you finish off Chrono-Lord Deios, you’re done with the dungeon. You’ll get a lot of WoW Dragonflight Gold for it and can collect your loot!


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