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WOW Dragonflight 10.1.5: How To Quickly Unlock Old Scholomance?

Posted: Jul 28, 2023

In this exciting WOW Dragonflight guide, we’ll walk you through how to unlock Old Scholomance. It’s also one of the most popular dungeons in the game and worth visiting again.

Follow our instructions and you’ll be able to make powerful tier three set pieces. Plus, you’ll have access to Rare Mounts and Transmog Cosmetics to make you stand out at Azeroth!

Key Items

Before we start, make sure you have 3 Dark Runes and 5 Essence of Undeath. You can get these items from Auction House with WOW Dragonflight Gold.

The first key item you’ll need is Krastinov’s Bag of Horrors toy. You’ll find this item from Doctor Theolen Krastinov. It is also a rare creature that appears after the player kills Rattlegore in New Scholomance. If you don’t have a Krastinov’s Bag of Horrors or simply don’t want to farm it, you can also ask a group member who has the key item to help you with this step.

WOW Dragonflight: Unlocking Old Scholomance Full Guide

Spectral Essence Trinkets

Next, you’ll need to make your way through the entire New Scholomance dungeon until you reach the room in the middle directly above Darkmaster Gandling. Here, you can use Krastinov’s Bag of Horrors toy near some bones and summon the ghost of Eva Sarkhoff. You just need to remove the toy’s buff and interact with her to get Inert Spectral Essence.

Now you just need to combine Inert Spectral Essence with 3 Dark Runes and 5 Essence of Undeath to create a Spectral Essence Trinket. This priceless item allows you to see the ghosts of Caer Darrow. This is also the key item to unlock Old Scholomance.

Also, you’ll need to loot Eva’s Femur from the bone pile near where Eva Sarkhoff spawns. Once you have it, you can exit Scholomance and talk to Eva Sarkhoff outside. You can continue your journey through her dialogue options.

WOW Dragonflight: How To Get Krastinov's Bag of Horrors?

Collecting Candles & Eva’s Journal - Location

Next, you need to collect 5 candles and Eva’s Journal. Eva’s Journal can be found in the viewing room of New Scholomance, in the room just before the ultimate boss. It’s pretty well hidden, but we’ll let you know where to find it. Once you have Eva’s Journal, you can exit this Scholomance dungeon again.

You need to collect the 5 items needed to trade with NPCs to get candles. The first item you can find inside Andorhal Town Hall in Western Plaguelands. You can pick up Deed to Andhorhall from the wall here.

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You’ll also get Caer Darrow Fountain Water at Caer Darrow Mid Fountain in Western Plaguelands. Next we’ll head to Eastern Plaguelands, where we’ll pick up Trampled Doll near this Meat Wagon. Then we have to go to Corin’s Crossing and take the painting on the wall.

WoW Dragonflight: Old Scholomance Unlock Guide & Dungeon Run

Finally, we are going to Live Side of Stratholme in Eastern Plaguelands. On a cart behind the fountain, you’ll find Undelivered Shipment of Smokes.

We’re then ready to head back to Caer Darrow and trade these items with the designated NPC for your candles. Finally, you can enter the house where you went to the dungeon with all the necessary items. Here you can use Eva’s Journal to witness a fascinating animation that unlocks Old Scholomance for you!

The above is my complete process of unlocking Old Scholomance in WOW Dragonflight. Hope this guide can help you start a new dungeon challenge journey as soon as possible.


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