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WoW Dragonflight 10.2: Normal & Heroic Larodar Amirdrassil Boss Guide

Posted: Nov 21, 2023

This is a guide to the Larodar fight in WoW Dragonflight 10.2 Amirdrassil raid on Normal and Heroic difficulty. This is a two-phase fight that really commits to the whole ‘ floor is lava’ bit. 

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WoW Dragonflight 10.2: Normal & Heroic Larodar Amirdrassil Boss Guide

Normal Difficulty

Furious Charge is our tank mechanic. It winds up a charge at his tank that does less damage if the tank gets away from the boss. It also hurts everyone in the path and does a knockback, so back up, mitigate and everyone else stay clear. Besides, it leaves a vulnerability, so swap the boss after the charge goes out and take it easy until your debuff fades off. 

Blazing Thorns is a dangerous spiral attack. You can see it coming on the floor and watch your feet. 

Treant adds will spawn. Those need to be tanked, interrupted and killed quickly. They do a little AOE when they die, so melee be careful! 

Once the treants are dead, healers can heal them back up to get them on our team. Fully healed treants will channel energy into the Seed in the middle, which we’re gonna need. 

Now, you may have noticed there’s a lot of fire on the floor, and most mechanics are going to add more. To keep up, a few players can click on the charged up seed to become fire extinguishers. Run around with that and clean up as much fire as you can to make space. 

Scorching Roots will fixate players and trail fire behind them. Stay out of their way and kill them quickly. 

Once dead, healers can then heal them back up to get a Renewed Bramble Barrier. As you might guess, we’re gonna need that. 

At full energy, Larodar uses Raging Inferno and channels deadly raid damage. To survive, everyone needs to stack in the Renewed Bramble Barrier. 

After each Inferno cast, Larodar gets a stack of Combusting Presence to roast us with raid damage and trail fire. 

After three of those Raging Infernos or at 40% health, it’s intermission time. He pulls the raid towards him while doing raid damage, and getting too close will burn you. Fight the pull and steel yourself for phase two. 

You will still get treant adds to kill, but you can no longer heal them after. You also can no longer touch the seed. Everything else in this phase is brand new. 

The new tank thing is Smoldering Backdraft. It’s a painful frontal cone that prevents the target tank from behind healed for 18 seconds. They can, however, leech life from nearby allies. So, mitigate the hit, swap after Backdraft, and then stack on a bunch of your friends to heal back up. 

Falling Embers need to be caught by players - get one person into each soak circle. 

Flash Fire puts a healing absorb on a few people that must be healed off within 8 seconds. If you don’t, it’s an explosion and a 10 second stun, so keep up with those. 

You get Fiery Tornados to dodge. Don’t get toasted by that. 

There’s also a lot of fire and raid damage, making it a race to the finish. 

On Normal, that’s it. 

Heroic Difficulty

On Heroic, things get a little spicer. 

Each player can only touch the seed once per fight on heroic, so more people will need to chip in to fight the fire. 

The Scorching Roots are now untargetable until they’ve been rinsed by a player with the seed. 

The Tank charge in phase one now also does raid damage, which is also reduced based on distance. 

On Heroic, the Blazing Thorns spiral coalesces into Flame Orbs that travel towards Larodar and must be soaked. 

Touching an orb does some damage to you and gives you a DoT, but also gives you 20% crit for 10 seconds! And if you don’t catch them, then Larodar’s gonna do a bunch of extra damage, so make sure you go pick those up. 

The Phase Two Treants now trail fire, as if you needed more. And the Smoldering Backdraft debuff now lasts for 30 seconds, which is a long time to be stealing health from your friends.


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