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WoW Classic SOD: The Simplest Way To Farm Reputation With Waylaid Supplies

Posted: Dec 13, 2023

Posted: Dec 13, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Welcome to the most straightforward guide on how to farm Waylaid Supplies for the Azeroth Commerce Authority reputation in WOW Classic Season of Discovery. If you have many SOD Gold, then the guide will be very beneficial for you.

The first thing you’re going to do is fly to Stormwind City and set your Hearthstone. Then you’re going to walk right over to the auction house and buy as many of the things on this list as you can. Some of the cheapest ones and easiest to get are the 12 Bronze Bars, the Goblin Deviled Clams, the Gray Woolen Shirts, the Heavy Wool Bandages, Medium Leather, and the Silver Bars. Those are going to be the cheapest things for you to get, so if you’re tight on gold, grab those. You’re going to need them in your bag to do this correctly.

WoW Classic SOD: The Simplest Way To Farm Reputation With Waylaid Supplies

Once you’ve got all those things in your bag, make sure you go to the Mailbox. Then You’re going to fly over to Lakeshire in the Redridge Mountains. Now, if you’re not yet revered with your Warsong Gulch Ashenvale PvP rank, this route is going to be a little different for you, so make sure to stick around.

Once you’re in Lakeshire, you’re going to head all the way north up the road to the Encampment right here with the cave. You can also stop by this left side peak for a Battered Chest, which has a wonderful chance at giving you a Waylaid Supplies drop.

Note that if you're not level 25, you should enter the cave located a little south. These are sub-level 25 mobs. They are fairly easy to kill, and while you get fewer battered chests in this cave, you still get at least one in your run. So if you are 25, you’re going to want to head all the way north. If you’re not, you’re going to want to head to this cave over here.

Both patterns you’re going to want to hit this Battered Chest every time you’re running to and from Lakeshire. The reason we stock our bags is that you cannot carry more than one Waylaid Supplies in your bag at the same time. However, you can use the Waylaid Supplies, turning them into a supply shipment, and then bank multiple Supply Shipments for 500, 1,500 rep or more like we’re about to do.

Every single time you go back to the city whenever you’ve collected enough or as many supply shipments as you can, simply use your Hearthstone back to Stormwind City, turn them all in, refill from the auction house, fly back to the Redridge Mountains, go to your correct cave, and farm until your Hearthstone is up. At the end of that hour, you can have three, four, sometimes even five completed shipments if RNG is lucky with the mats you brought.

WoW Classic SOD Supply Shipment

Now, if that’s not yet revered with your Ashenvale PvP, you’re going to want to set your Hearthstone to Darnassus. Set your Hearthstone to Darnassus. Repeat the initial process of going to the auction house and filling up your bags. Then going to want to fly down to Ashenvale. You’re going to fly and land in Astranaar Farm and Nijel’s Point pretty well. You’re going to have some humanoids right up here where you can see me circling to the north of Astranaar.

Now, this is a farther run, but they are easier to kill. They are humanoid mobs, which means while you’re farming, you’re going to be getting all the humanoid loot like a ton of wool cloth up here and even some silk cloth. So you can farm them, but it is a longer run, a shorter run, but worst drops because they’re not humanoids. You’re either going to get copper or you’re going to get your Waylaid Supplies or on an off chance, you’re going to get a green BoE.

They are the lurkers down here, like the Swamp Lurker creatures down here to the south of Astranaar. Again, worse loot, about the same drop chance for Waylaid Supplies, but what this enables you to do is your entire farming is inside of Ashenvale. So you’re going to hit every single Ashenvale battle. All you’re going to do is farm until your Hearthstone is up, go back to Darnassus, turn everything in, refill from the auction house, fly back to Astranaar, on either spot that you want.

Now, what’s good about this is these who are close to catapult down here, and these guys are literally right next to Shredder. So you’re always going to get a back on at least one of them. Personally, if you just want to go for the Commerce Authority reputation, Redridge is way faster. But you are going to miss out completely on all the Ashenvale rep, which is extremely important, as you will be getting weapons at revered. Now, the raid weapons are arguably better, but if you’re not raiding, you’re just going into PvP, you can get things like the Protector’s Sword right here or the dagger, which is actually pretty good, the Sentinel’s Blade.


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