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WOW Classic SOD: How To Complete Ashenvale World PVP Event? - Quests & Rewards

Posted: Dec 12, 2023

In Phase 1 of Season of Discovery, the player level cap is 25. This adds a new twist to WoW Classic, delivering unprecedented endgame content at this level.

In this guide, I will focus on the brand new PVP event in Ashenvale. This event is exclusive to Season of Discovery and will provide valuable rewards. Includes WOW Classic SOD Gold, Honor Points, Warsong Gulch Reputations, new world buffs, and region-specific mounts you may be familiar with.

WOW Classic SOD: How To Complete Ashenvale World PVP Event? - Quests & Rewards

Event Starts

Ashenvale PVP event will be triggered by PVP kill events in the zone. You’ll see a progress bar at the top of the screen. The event starts when the progress bar fills up.

Each faction produces a leader: Felore Moonray for Alliance, and Kazragore for Horde. New icons will appear on area maps and minimaps to represent disputed areas. Region-wide notifications will appear in your chats.

Similar to Alterac Valley, battlefield lieutenants will set up smaller camps and outposts around the area. When 3 lieutenants fall, the progress text on the screen will update.

Also, marking and killing a lieutenant will result in 200 reputations for their Warsong Gulch Faction. Even if you are dead or far away from the lieutenants, you will get these reputations as long as you marked them and stayed in the area after the lieutenants died.

Tag and kill elite mobs in either faction to gain reputations of Warsong Gulch Faction 10-15. And clearing these mobs and lieutenants is also a requirement to face the ultimate leader of each faction. Because eventually the leader will be immune to all damage until all 3 lieutenants are defeated.

Once all 3 lieutenants are dead, players must move to their respective enemy faction bases and kill the enemy faction leader. Ashenvale PVP event ends once the faction leader dies or the 1 hour timer expires.

Killing the enemy faction leader will provide 200 reputations to all players on the winning faction in Ashenvale, even if they did not touch the opposing faction leader. Each friendly lieutenant still alive at the end of the battle will receive an additional 100 reputations.


Players can pick up Warsong Outrider Mark and Silverwing Sentinel Charm dropped by mobs during the event. Each mission will require your faction to hand over a token to your faction leader. The thing is, you can only turn in while the event is going on, otherwise your leader won’t show up.

Among them, Warsong Outrider Mark will open Repelling Invaders Quest and reward Silverwing Battle Hymn. Silverwing Sentinel Charm will open the quest: Clear the Forest! The reward is Warsong Battle Drum.

It’s worth noting that these rewards are onetime use only and only affect you, not your team.

World Buffs

When you are within 40 yards of your battlefield lieutenants, you gain the buff, Battlefield Inspiration. That’s 50% more health and 20% more damage.

When you are within 40 yards of the faction leader, you gain a more powerful buff, Battlefield Genius. This increases each living ally’s health by 100% and damage by 50%.

WOW Classic SOD: Phase 1 World Buff Guide

By winning the event, you’ll also receive an item containing the world buff you’re using, Ashenvale Rallying Cry. This item can be saved and used later. It increases all damage and healing done by 5% for 2 hours.


Each player will receive 200 reputations for killing a lieutenant. When the faction leader dies, all members of the winning faction receive 200 reputations. Among them, the remaining friendly lieutenants of the winning team will also receive 100 reputation points.

Players who take part in the event can not only earn Honor Points but also Reputation in Warsong Gulch Faction: Silverwing Sentinels for Alliance and Warsong Outriders for Horde.

Each faction’s quartermaster will provide new noteworthy gear, such as Resilient Cloth Headband, Resilient Leather Mask, Resilient Mail Coif, and more.

WOW Classic SOD: Ashenvale Event Rewards


Overall, this Ashenvale World PVP event will definitely boost player activity and community in Season of Discovery. And with these new rewards, players can get more good equipment before the start of Phase 2!


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