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WOW Classic SOD: How To Easily Get Runes From Grizzby Quest?

Posted: Dec 14, 2023

Welcome to this guide on how to unlock all the runes from the secret Grizzby vendor in Ratchet in WOW Classic Season of Discovery. There’s no prerequisite quest when going up to this guy, so we’re going to make sure that we have all three parts of the quest and all corresponding quest items in our bag before we even go to Ratchet to save some time.

In order to unlock the runes from Grizzby, we need to bring him 24 Fish Oil, 20 Dark Iron Ordinances, and the hardest 16 Shredder Turbochargers.

Let’s start with definitely the easiest, the Dark Iron Ordinances. They farmed these in the northern part of the Wetlands in Dun Morogh. There are a couple of quests that you can do while you’re there as well. You will need a group to do this, as these are level 26 to level 28 elites and they hit extremely hard. If you’re a class with Stealth, like a rogue or a druid, there’s a spot in the back of Dun Morogh where you can stealth to the top and just pull one mob at a time. Now, you can try to solo this, but I did it with myself and another rogue just sitting in the back, pulling the one every single time and then vanishing if we pull two.

WOW Classic SOD: How To Easily Get Runes From Grizzby Quest?

Next up, we’re going to go to the Windshear Crag in Stonetalon Mountains to get the 16 Shredder Turbochargers that we need. In order to do this, we either need an engineer to craft or purchase from the auction house these Autosalvage Units. Whenever we kill a shredder in Windshear Crag, we use the Autosalvage Units for a chance at a Shredder Turbocharger. I would bring these as close to a 3:1 ratio as you can, meaning if we need 16 Turbochargers, we’re going to want to bring at least, let’s see, 48 Autosalvage Units. Now, you can try to do this at a 2:1 ratio. I would bring at least 30 Autosalvage Units with you.

If you get more Turbochargers than you need, they’re not Soulbound and they sell in the auction house, so you’ll get your money back, regardless. When I was farming these, I lucked out and found a somewhat decent hyperspawn area where every 5 minutes you can get two to three of them spawning. Here it’s right inside Windshear Crag.

Last but not least, we need the 24 Fish Oil. Now, I strongly urge you to go check the price on the auction house as they’re usually very cheap, and you can bang them out quickly just by running to a Mailbox. You can just use your SOD Gold to buy them.

If you absolutely do not have gold, lots of people are going to tell you to go to the Wetlands to farm the murlocs. They have about a 1% chance to drop off those murlocs, and if you really must farm them, you want to get one other person and go to the Beachhead along Southshore because those murlocs have about a 20% chance, at least it seems, of dropping the fish oil. We killed about 10 of them, and I got four drops, so I guess that’s closer to a 40%, but RNG could have just been on my side. After that, realizing how strong they were, cause they’re level 31 and they’re murlocs. I decided to just go and buy the rest at the auction house.

Once you’ve done that, we’re going to go all the way back to Ratchet for Grizzby, and once we talk to him, he is now going to have all three quests. When we turn those three quests in, he’s going to give us one more quest to go to either Orgrimmar as Horde or Stormwind as Alliance and turn something in. Once we turn that in our faction city, we go back to Grizzby one more time and we now can buy our runes for five golds.


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