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WOW Classic SOD: Best Horde Mage AOE Leveling Guide For Level 14 To 18

Posted: Dec 14, 2023

Today, I’m going to teach you how to do horde Mage AOE leveling  in Silverpine Forest at the lowest level possible with hyperspawns and the new WoW Classic Season of Discovery runes. Next is exactly how you do the pull. If you have a substantial amount of SOD Gold to support your leveling, then you can just follow my guide and play the game.

So, the three runes that you’ll be using in this are going to be Regeneration, Living Bomb, and Living Flame. The rotation that you’re going to use them in will be as listed: Regeneration, Living Bomb to tag mobs, and casting Living Flame on top of the highest health target to ensure that you have the best pulls that you can have.

WOW Classic SOD: Best Horde Mage AOE Leveling Guide For Level 14 To 18

The reason that the AOE works so well is that Regeneration leaves a buff on top of you called Temporal Beacon, which gives you healing from Arcane Damage. If you stack all the mobs that you’re AOE leveling on top of the mob that you cast Living Flame on, you will have the best results and the most healing.

Then we are at the top of Silverpine Forest, all the way up here right below Tirisfal Glades. This is where we’re going to be doing our farm, up and down this part of the coast.

What we’re going to be farming here are these murlocs. They’re level 13, and I believe they go all the way up to 14. You’re going to want to make sure you’re full health, full mana. I went and bought some gear off the auction house. It was maybe like 25 Silver to get all this gear, so bought it. Some of this I actually just got while I was looting. What you’re going to want to do here is use Regeneration to start off, then regain your mana by drinking, and then go straight into the pull by using Living Bombs.

So, we’re going to run past this mob and Living Bomb with everything that we see. We’ll cast it on all these mobs. Then, the last one that we run into, we’re going to use our Living Flame on. What we’re going to do here is just cast Arcane Explosion to kill every single mob down, and that’s exactly how you do the pull.

In this zone, what you’re going to want to do here is use this camp right here. There’s one more pull that you can do on this part. There are like six mobs that stack up right here, and there’s also a vast pool that you can do right over here. Then the second pull that I do normally. I’ll grab all these mobs, but for the sake of going over here, But they’re all going to be the same pull.

By the time you mana up and walk over here, your Living Flame will already be back, and your Regeneration doesn’t have a coldown. As you can see at the top, whenever I use this Regeneration spell, I’ll actually get Temporal Beacon. If you read the Regeneration tool tip to the bottom right, this records the subject’s space and time position, and 80% of all Arcane Damage done by the Caster will be converted into Chronomantic Healing

Then the Mage healing room. It only heals mages for 50% of the damage done. You kind of need to make sure that every single mob gets stacked on top of Living Flame. Next, we’ll get into this second pull. I use Regeneration before we start it out, and then we’re going to pull this whole side. So we’ll start out here and then cast Living Flame and then use Arcane Explosion to get nuke everybody down. 


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